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These Design Ideas Will Make Your Small Condo Feel More Spacious and Stylish

No need to sacrifice style!
These Design Ideas Will Make Your Small Condo Feel More Spacious and Stylish
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No need to sacrifice style!

They say that limitations make one more creative. This seems to be the case when styling the interiors of your condo and the limited floor space that comes with it, where homeowners are challenged to make do with what's available. Thankfully, with a few strategic furniture arrangement tricks, one can skillfully design a layout that makes the place feel more spacious—and more luxe—than it initially was. Check out these simple tips you can try at your place:

1. Shelves are your new best friend.

Obviously, with such limited floor space, there's nowhere to go but up—well, as high as you can reach, that is. Shelves with plenty of levels are the perfect storage solution for condo dwellers who need more room for their valuables.

2. Try out discreet shelving.


If you don't like the idea of having your possessions visible for everyone to see, then opt for non-bulky cabinets or their more stylish sister: transparent shelves.

3. Maximize every inch of space.

Depending on your preferences, every corner can serve a purpose (instead of just being a dump yard for random things or shopping bags). For example, a corner next to a window can be a reading nook or a permanent space for your golf bag. Think of your needs and turn that space into something that works for you.

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4. Get hooked.

If you're the grab-and-go kind of person, then perhaps putting hooks in strategic places (like, say, by the entryway) is best for you. This can even work in the kitchen: Hang some of your frequently used tools for extra convenience and faster cooking time.

5. Use rugs to delineate space.


Condos don't afford you the luxury of having walls as separators, but the best workaround is to use rugs or carpets to delineate spaces for you. For example, the rug beneath the coffee table separates the living room from the dining room or vice versa.

6. Seats and sofas should be multi-purpose.

Chairs situated in the living room should double as a chair in the dining room, in case more people need to sit at the table. In the same vein, sofas should also work as a daybed or a pullout bed for when guests come to stay. Furniture should always be multi-purpose to save space.

7. There is such a thing as a social kitchen (or social dining room).



The purpose of having multi-purpose furniture and space delineation is the concept of "social kitchen," as the Italian brand Scavolini calls it. While it's quite an obvious strategy, it helps to become more aware of the ins and outs of a social kitchen to be able to execute it well. The brand's Diesel Living collaboration crafts functional kitchen furniture that's stylish enough to blend seamlessly with the rest of the home, making the perfect setup for welcoming guests. Domestic and social life roll into one!

8. Don't neglect the balcony.

Oftentimes, the only furniture on a balcony is a tiny table, a stool, and maybe even a potted plant or two. But the balcony can be so much more than that. With the right styling, it can be transformed into an inviting space that's perfect for wine nights, drinking coffee in the morning or some light reading.

9. Choose fabrics wisely.


Wile the limited space only allows you use of a few statement pieces, you can up the luxe factor by simply outfitting your furniture in unique fabrics depending on your style. Upholster your sofas in special fabrics or choose eye-catching rugs. Velvet fabrics or rich colors always seem to do the trick.


10. Furniture also acts as great decor.

In line with the previous point of being more discerning when it comes to fabrics, furniture can also double as decor. Statement pieces are a surefire way to achieve that, but simple strategies like mismatched chairs do achieve the same effect in a subtle way.

11. Surfaces matter.


If furniture pieces on the market don't seem to suit your taste, then you can easily get things custom made for you. Make sure to think twice about the materials, finishes, and colors as these can make a big difference in tying the whole space together. For example, the colors of cabinets and kitchen countertops can set the tone for the rest of the furniture.

12. Brighten up!

Once you're done laying out the entire space, don't forget about the lighting. Make sure that the entire place is well-lit, as this can make the place larger than it really is. It's best for lights on the ceiling to be within reach to allow for easy changing of lightbulbs. Lamps should also transportable, just in case another room needs it.

13. Plants lend a homey feel.

If tabletops and corners seem a little bare, add low maintenance plants for a touch of nature. Pro tip: A ladder-like shelf for your plant display might be best as this won't take up too much space. And, if there's room on the shelves, go ahead and include small potted plants.


For more information on Scavolini, visit the official Philippine website here or contact 812.3456 loc. 3703. Follow the Instagram page for frequent updates and ideas.

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