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Try These 7 Ideas to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Big

Being creative with storage is one important tip!
Try These 7 Ideas to Make Your Small Bathroom Look Big
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Being creative with storage is one important tip!

If you have a small bathroom, it’s important to be smart about how you decorate and organize it. Try these seven tips to make the most of the limited space you have in your T&B!

1. Use a light color scheme

Like with any room, a light color scheme can make your small bathroom look much more spacious than it actually is. You don’t have to stick to black and white; you can also make use of pastel tones that can give off the same effect. Meanwhile, darker and more vibrant colors can be reserved for towels and decorations.

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2. Let the sunlight in

If your bathroom actually gets sunlight, make the most of it. Install crank-up windows (it will get rid of odor faster!). Use mirrors to reflect the light in the bathroom. Some have a skylight installed, so you get to enjoy natural light while having a bath!


3. Choose the right lighting

If you don’t have windows or a skylight, the right lighting can also work. In their book Lovable Livable HomeSherry and John Petersiksuggest hanging pendant lights in front of your mirror, which will allow the light to bounce around the room more freely.

4. Install gass enclosures

To separate your shower or bath area from the rest of the room, why not nix the shower curtains and install glass enclosures instead? While these can help distinguish the shower area, these also open up the space and help give the appearance of a larger space, according to HGTV.


5. Hang up mirrors

A mirror is another piece that can help make a small space look bigger by reflecting light as well as the pale colors of your walls. Aside from mirrors, you can also make use of other reflective surfaces such as clear cabinets and storage units.


6. Be creative with storage

Since you have a small space, space for storage is limited. Here’s a cool idea: have recessed shelves or alcoves built into your walls! This way, you have space for all your bathroom essentials but you are also not taking up precious floor space.


7. Use wall-mounted furniture

Another storage solution you can try is wall-mounted storage or cabinets that are attached to your wall, so they look like they’re floating. You might not actually be able to use the free space underneath, but your bathroom will appear much more spacious!


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