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6 Minimalist Bloggers That Will Inspire You to Live Light

6 Minimalist Bloggers That Will Inspire You to Live Light
IMAGE The Private Life of a Girl
Follow them for your much needed reset.

Learning how to take a break and declutter our lives can be a challenge without the right sort of motivation and inspiration. Luckily, minimalists all over the world are generous with their advice and are one click away to steering us to the right direction. These bloggers in particular can provide you with the most refreshing takes on food, fashion, and life for your much needed reset.

1. Be More With Less

Courtney Carver is your guide to Minimalism 101. As the blog name suggests, she has articles galore on how to kick start a “less is more” lifestyle and how to dig deeper and care about even the small things. Her pieces on saying goodbye to guilt and how to slowly begin your minimalist journey are our personal favorites.

2. The Private Life of a Girl


Sophie is, in her own words, “an advocate of simple living.” She has an entire series dedicated to achieving a minimal wardrobe for those who want to strip their collection to the bare essentials. As a bonus, she also gives advice to people who want to start their own business and run a creative platform, because she herself is a self-employed jewelry designer and content creator.

3. Jenny Mustard

“Maximal life for the minimalist” is the line that will greet you upon stumbling on Jenny’s blog, and it’s nothing but the truth. She actively finds and shares ways to enjoy life with her partner David in the simplest yet most Instagram-worthy way possible. Check out her minimalism series and vast collection of healthy recipes to get you started.

4. Minimalist Baker

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Dana and John, a couple from Portland, Oregon, are proving that food doesn’t have to be complicated and unhealthy to be delicious. They have hacked the art of baking by coming up with simple and easy-to-follow recipes that even you can make at home. Their recipes are definitely a breath of fresh air from all the Nutella and cheese-themed treats that are all over the Internet.

5. F*** It, Going to New York! 

If minimalist fashion inspiration is your game, then FIGTNY is your home. This blog is lined with outfits styled using key pieces that you may already have, and they’re definitely a sweet motivation to start investing in the classic pieces for your wardrobe.

6. Light by Coco


Coco is always on the hunt for ways to maintain a happy balanced in life. She keeps things practical and is dedicated to living light, hence the name. Let her show you the path to creating a capsule wardrobe from a humble collection of clothing, with tips on how to manage your social media usage and more.

Whether or not you're going through a hard time, following these bloggers on your feed can serve as a happy reminder that you can indeed live simply in this indulgent, "more is more" society.

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