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Did You Know? "Single's Inferno 2" Contestant Lee So E Actually Starred in K-Drama "The Glory"

Did You Know? "Single's Inferno 2" Contestant Lee So E Actually Starred in K-Drama "The Glory"
IMAGE (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/e._.soi, The Glory/Netflix
We bet you didn't notice that it was her!

We don't know about you, but Korean shows have definitely been keeping us preoccupied lately. Two Netflix series in particular that had us clocking in more watch hours than usual were the hit reality dating show Single's Inferno 2 and Song Hye Kyo's K-drama comeback The Glory.

That being said, you might be surprised to find out that apart from both being extremely addictive (we promise, they'll keep you glued to your screens!), the two Korean series actually have another thing in common. And mind you, it's something we bet you didn't even realize while watching.

Fun fact: Both shows feature Lee So E!

lee so e in single's inferno 2
"Single's Inferno 2" contestant Lee So E.
PHOTO BY netflix/singles inferno 2

If you've been keeping tabs on the second season of Single's Inferno, then you're already well-acquainted with the contestant Lee So E, who's been revealed to be a 23-year-old college senior majoring in Theatre and Film at Hanyang University. The rookie actress recently signed with Saram Entertainment, and she already has quite the acting repertoire under her belt—including a key role in today's most buzz-worthy revenge drama The Glory.


Top-billed by Hallyu superstar Song Hye Kyo, The Glory revolves around the dark past of Moon Dong-eun, who's fueled by her desire to enact vengeance against those who violently bullied her in high school. Dong-eun wasn't the first victim, though, as her perpetrators initially tormented another girl named Yoon So-hee before her. And yup, you guessed it—it was actually So E who played the role of this poor student who met a tragic death because of her high school bullies. 

lee so e in the glory
Lee So E plays Yoon So-hee in "The Glory."
PHOTO BY netflix/singles inferno 2, the glory

A promising actress, So E has actually appeared in several K-dramas previously. Apart from her stint in The Glory, she's also been featured in JTBC's 2021 melodrama Snowdrop, which starred BLACKPINK's Jisoo and Jung Hae In. Most recently, she was seen in Disney+'s The First Responders, too, where she also played a high school student who went missing. Additionally, So E's filmography includes Abba Father in 2019 and Hellbound in 2021.

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We can't wait to see which K-dramas she'll star in next time!

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