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Shopping Habits to Avoid to Save More Money in 2021

Focus on quality over quantity.
Shopping Habits to Avoid to Save More Money in 2021
Focus on quality over quantity.

There's nothing wrong with treating yourself every now and then. But if you're not mindful of your shopping habits, you could be draining your savings without you even noticing it. 

Here are a few habits to avoid so you can finally save more money this 2021

1. Not checking the material. 

Planning to buy a shirt or a dress online? Aside from the size, always check the material before hitting that “add to cart" button. Is the fabric too thin? Is it stretchable? This will help you avoid buying clothes you won't end up wearing.  

If you’re shopping on Instagram, you can also check the tagged photos of the brand so you can see how their clothes look like on other people. From there, you can also more or less gauge whether you should get a smaller or bigger size. 

2. Choosing quantity over quality. 

How many shirts have you stopped wearing because they’ve worn-out after a few washes? Or how many times have you replaced your go-to flats? While it may seem like you’re saving more by spending less, sometimes it’s wiser to spend more on quality items—especially if you'll wear them every day! 


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3. Spending money on dupes!

Think about it: How many lipsticks do you have in the same shade? 

4. Always buying on impulse. 

Avoiding an impulse buy is easier said than done, especially when everything is on sale. 

To keep yourself from buying clothes you'll later regret, one mental trick you can try is to think about what you already have. If you’re buying a skirt or a pair of pants, for example, what exact top can you pair it with? If you can visualize at least three ways you can wear the piece, then you can be sure that it will be a sulit purchase!


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