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Self-Love Ideas for Every Single Girl on Valentine’s Day

A list of self-care activities that’s not just skin care or going to the spa.
Self-Love Ideas for Every Single Girl on Valentine’s Day
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A list of self-care activities that’s not just skin care or going to the spa.

In an August 2018 feature, The New York Times compiled different accounts of their employees as to what “self-care” means to them in a series of lists and diagrams. These different acts of self-love go beyond your usual nightly masking routine or a monthly visit to your favorite spa. Self-care can mean a number of different things to each person. They don’t need to cost you an arm and a leg and they don’t need to involve your skin care regimen either. All it needs to do is to keep you healthy—whether it’s emotionally or physically.

Here are a few ideas we put together for every single girl looking to indulge in a bit of self-love this Valentine’s Day.

Clear Your Energy

Sometimes, bad vibes can be more than just waking up on the wrong side of bed. If we go to our doctor for regular check-ups, we can also go to energy healers when our energy is at an all-time low.


Miqo Dionisio is an artist who channels his intuition into his art. He is also a healer who uses sound bath meditation and energy clearing. If you are familiar with the Japanese technique Reiki, he also infuses this in his healing sessions. Reiki is used to reduce stress and encourage relaxation using the “laying of hands” and what is called the “life force energy.”

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If you’ve ever wondered what an energy clearing session is like, shoot Miqo a message through Instagram @miqowithaq or through his website

Learn About Love

Feelings can get confusing sometimes—whether you’re battling them while in a relationship or just by yourself. We can all get by with a little help and Practical Magic, your no-nonsense guide to harnessing your intuition, can definitely lend a helping hand. You can book an online reading called The Love Lesson. According to the website, the three-page PDF that goes straight in your inbox “grounds you in the present and helps you get a better sense of your situation. If you feel like your emotions are all over the place, this reading helps you see the big picture.” Whether you’re looking for clarity in romance, friendship, or even self-love, Practical Magic uses the tarot to clear up your confusion and give you the clarity you didn’t think was possible.


Book an online reading through

Find Your Ritual

There is something comforting about doing a routine. It automatically puts you in a place of familiarity and safety. If you haven’t already, why not start a ritual that promotes loving yourself? Taking a few minutes of each day to acknowledge the hard work that you do and recognize that you are doing the best you can will do wonders for your self-esteem.


This All You Need Is Love package from Woo Woo Ritual Goods can help transform your routine into a self-love ritual. It includes an Angel Aura Quartz, a Calder-esque Gua Sha, and a Rose Quartz heart. All packages come in a canvas pouch with a love note and a ritual guide.


You can DM your order to @woowoo_ritualgoods.

What other forms of self-care do you practice? Do you think they make a difference in how you approach others and how you deal with life? Sound off below to discuss with other Preview Girls and share your own self-care routines.

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