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See Japan’s Minimalist Aesthetic Over the Years

Because less is more.
See Japan’s Minimalist Aesthetic Over the Years
IMAGE Gab Gutierrez
Because less is more.

The Japanese have a knack for marrying innovation and simplicity. Their culture speaks of a calm and collected space where you can feel comfortable and feel complete despite having a small number of items.

As Japan continues to struggle with natural disasters like earthquakes, the Japanese are not only enviable with their disaster preparedness but also because of their resilience. Modern homes now are getting into zen-inspired home décor, wherein they only keep the bare necessities. It’s not only a measure of decluttering and keeping an easy-to-maintain home, but it’s actually a form of disaster preparation. With having little belongings, you don’t have to worry about losing so much or fear of incurring more damage.

From the Japanese culture we learn sensibility, innovation, balance, and minimalism. Check out how Japan has influenced the world of design and how it continues to improve in the Metropolitan Museum of Manila’s exhibit entitled Japanese Design Today, featuring a hundred items that define Japan.


Check out a sneak peek of the exhibit from the gallery below!


The exhibit will run until August 19 only.

Main image from Gab Gutierrez

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