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12 Secret Starbucks Drinks and How to Order Them, According to a Barista

12 Secret Starbucks Drinks and How to Order Them, According to a Barista
IMAGE tiktok/gerrigerrigerri
These tasty and unique drinks might just be your next go-to order at Starbucks.

To all Starbucks lovers out there, this article is especially for you! I think we can all agree that our day is never complete without a cup of coffee, and for those who loyally swing by Starbucks for their daily dose of caffeine, we’re here to run down some tasty and unique drinks you might wanna try. Coming from Los Angeles-based barista, who goes by the Tiktok username Gerrigerrigerri, his secret and unusual drink concoctions have been so addicting to watch...and to try! From fruity flavored teas to interesting coffee combos, these are orders that can cater to almost any of your preferences.

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Check out these Starbucks drinks that just might be your next go-to order!  

Salted White Mocha 

Looking for a coffee that’s both salty and sweet? 

How to Order: “Can I please get a (size) salted cream cold foam cold brew with no caramel syrup and can you add two pumps of white mocha and two pumps of toffee nut?”


Frozen Hot Chocolate 

Nothing better than a chocolatey drink to start off your day, plus you can get this in decaf too! 

How to Order: “Can I get a (size) Mocha Frappuccino? And can you add white mocha? Can you add cinnamon powder? And can you make it with heavy cream please?  

Pumpkin Chai 

Get fall ready with this spiced up drink! 

How to Order: “Can I get a (size) Iced Chai Latte? And can you add the pumpkin cold foam on top please? 

Caramel Coconut Mocha Latte  

This is a great vegan friendly option for all of you guys.

How to Order: “Can I get a (size) iced latte with two pumps of mocha and two pumps of caramel? And can I have it made with coconut milk please? 

Ube Frappuccino 

Ube will always be a Filipino crowd favorite, so why not mix it in with the OG Starbucks Frappuccino?

watch now

How to Order: “Can I get a (size) Vanilla Bean Frappuccino? And can I get one pump of toffee nut syrup? And can I get one scoop of the dragon fruit? And can you add whipped cream on top?” 

Pink Starburst 

If you’re up for something fruity and refreshing with no caffeine or dairy, this should be your order! 

How to Order: “Can I get a (size) blended strawberry lemonade? Add one banana and a splash of peace juice? 

Strawberry Matcha

Calling all matcha lovers, we may have something better than your usual frappuccino!

How to Order: "Can I get a (size) pink drink with vanilla cold foam? And can you add one scoop of matcha please?"

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

If you need something extra strong to kickstart your day, then this is it!

How to Order: "Can I get a (size) Starbucks double shot with classic sweetener and extra vanilla sweet cream?"


Cinnamon Soy Chai

As Gerrigerrigerri said, "The best way to enjoy a chai tea latte is sweet, spicy, and vegan-friendly!

How to Order: "Can I get a (size) iced chai made with soy milk? And can you add cinnamon powder on top please?

Passion Peach Tea

When you want something a little bit more refreshing than a typical cup of coffee

How to Order: “Can I get a (size) peach green tea lemonade? Can you add sweetener? And can you add a splash of passion tea on top please?” 

Caramel Apple

Caramel and apple still remains to be one of the best flavor combinations out there.

How to Order: "Can I get a (size) star drink and can you add some caramel drizzle?"

Strawberry Milk

Here's a Starbucks version of the popular Korean drink!

How to Order: "Can I get a (size) cup of milk and can you add two pumps of vanilla syrup and can you add the strawberry puree please?"


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