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15 Ways to Achieve an Aesthetic Scandinavian-Inspired Open Closet in Your Bedroom

No walk-in closet, no problem!
15 Ways to Achieve an Aesthetic Scandinavian-Inspired Open Closet in Your Bedroom
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No walk-in closet, no problem!

Seasoned Pinterest lurkers are probably familiar with Scandinavian design, an interior design style that always incorporates sleek, modern finishing and soft colors to achieve a cozy, warm feel. Following the advent of popular Facebook groups like Home Buddies, Scandinavian-inspired interiors have become all the rage. 

As it turns out, open closets are totally a thing in Scandinavian design. If you're a fashion girl pining after a walk-in closet, you should definitely look into an open closet system instead. With this setup, you can turn your bedroom into the dressing room of your dreams. Need pegs for your aesthetic open closet setup? Read on!

1. Have a shoe rack installed above your window. 

2. If you're short on space, move your bed forward a bit and use the space behind it for your clothes rack.

3. Create a makeshift walk-in closet with curtains. 

4. Why not use a fun color for your clothes racks? 

5. Install hanger bars around the perimeter of your room. 

6. Stick to a white, wood, and wicker motif for a clean, cozy look. It would also help to organize your clothes by color– so satisfying!

7. Have a hanger bar drop down from the ceiling. 

8. This one works best for those with high ceilings. Work with verticals and build as many shelves as you can in a narrow strip of space!

9. If you have an all-white room, use your clothes as decor! Pick out pastel pieces and hang those for display. 

10. White + wood will never let you down. If you really have a lot of clothes, invest in an open closet structure that features a lot of drawer space, too. 

11. Not really a fan of just white + wood? Add a gold hanger bar as an accent! 

12. Not yet ready to fully transition to an open closet system? That's okay! Just dedicate a two-tiered rack for your favorite (and most aesthetic) outerwear.  

13. Calling all lovers of high steppers! Install towel bars on your wall to serve as a shoe rack. 

14. If a curtain's not enough for you, you can always have doors built to create a walk-in enclosure in your room. Of course, you have to have a lot of space to achieve this, but it will be so worth it! 

15. Keep the rack and shelves minimal, and put your busiest, most exciting pieces on display. It looks so fun, and you'll be motivated to dress magnificently every day!

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