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Sarah Lahbati Opens Up About Her Second Pregnancy

Find out how Richard and Zion reacted upon hearing the great news.
Sarah Lahbati Opens Up About Her Second Pregnancy
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/sarahlahbati
Find out how Richard and Zion reacted upon hearing the great news.

Four years after giving birth to baby Zion, Sarah Lahbati is finally welcoming baby number two. The actress made her big announcement on Instagram recently, sharing how her random cravings and mood swings turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Below, Sarah opens up to Preview about everything that happened before and after she confirmed the big news:


Hi Sarah! First of all, congratulations on baby number two! So tell us, what were the first few symptoms you experienced that hinted the pregnancy?

"The first few symptoms were moodiness and me eating my feelings away!"

How did you deal with them?

"Richard was the first one to notice, and I acted like nothing was happening until he told me to get a proper check up."

How did Zion and Richard react when they found out?

"They were both very happy and extremely excited! We're all ecstatic to know the gender!"

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Have you been told when you're due to give birth?

"Maybe April 2018."

Since this is your second pregnancy already, do you have some tips you can give to first-time moms that you learned from your experience with Zion?

"Being pregnant doesn't mean you should stay glued to bed and eat way too much. You should still take care of your health and make sure you're eating the needed nutrients for you and your baby. Avoid oily and sugary foods. Stick to vegetables, chicken, and fish with zero mercury."


Has your workout routine and diet changed since you found out about the pregnancy?

"I lessened strenuous movements at the gym; no more jumping up and down. No lying on my back while doing ab workouts or stretching either. Instead, I've been doing more lunges, squats and light weights. No more eating sushi, too, and I've been drinking less coffee, but I can still have a glass of red wine once in a while to relax."

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