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Safety Tips for Withdrawing Money From the ATM

Because your card details and PIN could be captured.
Safety Tips for Withdrawing Money From the ATM Because your card details and PIN could be captured.

You can never be too safe nowadays. Herewith, some tips on how you can protect yourself when withdrawing money from the ATM.

1. Check the ATM before using it.

Use ATMs in areas that are guarded, well-lit, and monitored by CCTV. The best ones are right outside the bank where the guard can see it, or in the building of a financial institution. ATMs in malls are okay if they're also guarded and monitored. Don't withdraw money from an ATM that's vandalized or looks dilapidated.


If anything looks fake, or if there's a small camera or device anywhere on it that might capture your PIN or your card details, don't use the machine. Report it to the bank.

2. Have a friend or family member with you.

You might get mugged while you're withdrawing or right after you get your money. You might get duped into revealing your PIN to a stranger even. With a friend or family member with you, your back is guarded. They can keep an eye out for suspicious people who might be watching you.

3. Protect your card.

Don't leave it anywhere! Report stolen or lost ones stat.

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4. Protect your PIN.

When you're typing your PIN, place one hand over your other hand to cover the digits you're pressing. Don't let anyone know what it is, not even the bank tellers.

Memorize your PIN. Don't write it down on a piece of paper and don't write it on your card.

5. Don't leave the receipts behind.

If you leave the receipts behind, you put yourself at risk of identity theft. Shred receipts before throwing them away.

6. Don't take too long at the ATM.

Have your card ready when you're going to withdraw, so you don't fumble through your bag for it and attract the attention of strangers. Also know how much you're withdrawing.

If you're alone, count your money later on, not at the ATM. If there's an error, call the bank or ATM owner. But if you're with a friend or family member, you can count on the spot. Still, do it discreetly and quickly.


Source: National Association of Federal Credit Unions

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