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7 Romantic C-Dramas You Won't Regret Watching

You can soon stream them all online, too!
7 Romantic C-Dramas You Won't Regret Watching
IMAGE iqiyi
You can soon stream them all online, too!

No one does tooth-rotting, kilig-worthy romance better than Asians, and Korean drama fans can especially attest to that. That said, if you’ve exhausted all the K-dramas in your library that pass the genre, don’t stress about looking for more because you can always widen your horizons. How about putting on a Chinese drama this time around? And yes, there’s a lot more than just A Love So Beautiful and Love 020.

Below we list down seven upcoming romantic C-dramas that are sure to make your heart flutter. 

1. Sweet Teeth

Zeng Li, a simple librarian, falls in love with her taciturn dentist, Ai Jing Chu. Luckily for Zeng Li her feelings are reciprocated, but just as the two plan on confessing to each other, her first love, Yu Yi, who she’s been waiting ten years for, comes back into her life. A tumultuous love triangle between the three ensues as they each come to terms with their feelings.


Starring: Betty Wu, Bi Wen Jun

2. Make A Wish 

When a Buddhist youth named Yu Chi Yan accidentally saves a white cat, his life is thrown for a loop upon learning that the creature is actually a cat spirit from a parallel world. Taking on a human form, Xiao Xiu must now spend her days repaying Chi Yan for his kindness before she can go back to her own planet. To complete her task, Xiao Xiu moves into Chi Yan’s home, unleashing a series of hilarious encounters that will eventually bring the two closer.

Staring: Ren You Lun, Ge Xin Yi

Make a Wish iqiyi
PHOTO BY iqiyi
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3. Moonlight

After graduating from university, the passionate Chu Li lands her dream job at a publishing company. However, she quickly realizes that the industry isn’t everything she’d imagined it to be, especially when she crosses paths with renowned author Zhou Chuan. Starting off on the wrong foot, the two are instantly at odds. But when they find out that they’re actually close friends online, Chu Li and Zhou Chuan are eventually forced to reevaluate their relationship.

Starring: THE9’s Esther, Ryan Ding

4. The Day of Becoming You

Jiang Yi is the stoic leader of a popular boyband, but in reality he’s simply an otaku who has a hard time expressing himself after his parents got a divorce. Meanwhile Yu Sheng Sheng is an entertainment reporter interested in popular culture. When their lives intersect on their shared birthday, they get into an accident that causes them to swap bodies. With no one to turn to but each other, the pair help one another adjust to their unusual situation.


Starring: Steven Zhang, Liang Jie

The Day of Becoming You iqiyi
PHOTO BY iqiyi

5. Forever and Ever

After meeting at an airport, Shi Yi, a low profile voice actor, and Zhou Shen Chen, a chemistry professor, develop feelings for each other in no time. As a result, Shen Chen breaks off his arranged engagement and marries Shi Yi instead. Now husband and wife, the pair work hard to manage the business of Shen Chen’s family, but just as they’re able to enjoy the fruits of their labor, Shi Yi gets into an accident that changes their lives forever.


Starring: Bai Lu, Allen Ren

6. Love Under the Full Moon

At the height of a Super Moon, Lei Chuxia loses her memories and somehow magically travels to the world inside Xu Xiaodong’s phone. While she’s soon able to escape, they both realize that Chuxia can now only move within Xiaodong’s vicinity. Determined to rid himself of the unwanted company, Xiaodong does everything he can to help Chuxia regain her identity, but just as the two grow closer, the latter’s fiance, Wei Xuanhe, comes into the picture.

Starring: Ju Jingyi, Zheng Ye Cheng

7. First Love Again

An unexpected opportunity causes the aloof yet brilliant student Ye You Ning to cross paths with the bright and cheerful Xia Wen Si from the year 2006. Meeting in a parallel time and space, the pair once again get to experience high school along with the woes brought about by a supernatural romance and first love.


Starring: Patrick Shih, Amy Chen

You can soon stream all seven shows online at iQiyi, so make sure to keep an eye out between May 20 to September 7, 2021.

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