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Rhian Ramos Speaks Up About Being Sexually Harassed in a Party

The actress shares her story in an Instagram post.
Rhian Ramos Speaks Up About Being Sexually Harassed in a Party
The actress shares her story in an Instagram post.

Rhian Ramos took to Instagram yesterday to call out a man who sexually assaulted her in a party. In the post, she details the incident that happened while she was out with her friends, calls out her harasser, and delves into what it really feels like to be in such a vulnerable position.


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The incident occured while Rhian was out with her friends. "On the same night, some guy was out, partying a little too hard and goes up to me and squeeze my rear," writes the actress. She immediately told two of her male friends about it and they confronted the guy, but he denied the claims. "This made me feel worse," Rhian admits. "I always used to think of myself as a strong enough girl that if the day ever came that someone would do this to me, I'd fight back. Honestly, it's different when you're already in that situation."

Rhian's friends eventually got the man to apologize, but according to her, "It was a 'sorry I got caught, not sorry I did that' kind of situation." To make things worse, the man went up to her after and squeezed her rear again before finally fleeing the place. In shock and in tears, Rhian was puzzled, yet she resolved that this was something she refuses to let go.

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"I couldn't understand why a man would feel the entitlement to touch a woman without her consent. To take something from her by force," says Rhian. She then mentioned that she was wearing slacks and a loose top that night and that she never even made eye contact with the man, which left her confused while looking for a cause to the effect.

However, she eventually realized that these details had little to no relevance to the harassment. "I realized that EVEN IF I had been scantily dressed, it is NOT the woman's fault that a guy would treat her that way. That moment, sir, says more about the kind of man that you are," she stresses, addressing the man.

In the latter part of the post, Rhian claims to have found her harasser's name and other details after doing some research, and revealed that he apparently has a family and daughters in Cebu. But, she kept him anonymous in the post in order to keep her intention for speaking up clear.


"The real reason why I need to vent this all out here, is because this happens everywhere, all the time, and I want to speak to all of the people that this situation represents," says the actress. And to end her open letter, Rhian voices out her hopes for having sexual and street harassment to finally be penalized in the country, and that by sharing her story she reminds other women to speak up about being harassed and encourages men to educate themselves on the topic.

Read Rhian's full Instagram post below:

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