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Here's What the Cast of "Reply 1988" Is Up to Now

Here's a gentle reminder to rewatch one of the best K-dramas out there!
Here's What the Cast of "Reply 1988" Is Up to Now
Here's a gentle reminder to rewatch one of the best K-dramas out there!

The 2015 K-drama Reply 1988, which told the story of different families living in one neighborhood, made us laugh, cry, and realize important life lessons while watching it. The nostalgia hit us hard and made us miss our OWN teenage years. More than the romance aspect, the drama talks about family issues, friendship, and "growing up."


And because we miss the cast, here's what our favorite teenagers from Ssangmun-dong, Seoul, are up to now:

Lee Hyeri (Sung Deok Sun)

Hyeri, who debuted with girl group Girl's Day in 2010, shot to K-drama fame after starring in Reply 1988! Her portrayal as noisy and sometimes overlooked middle child Deok Sun endeared her to us all. Her most recent drama is entitled Miss Lee (2019), where she played the titular character. At present, Hyeri is close friends with BLACKPINK's Rosé, and shared in 2019 that they often meet up and talk to each other via video call. She is also busy with her YouTube vlog. In February 2020, Soompi reported that Hyeri donated 100 million won (P4.13 million) to support efforts to combat the COVID-19 disease.

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Park Bo Gum (Choi Taek)

Bo Gum played Go Game genius and soft-spoken Taek in Reply 1988. He soon rose to leading man status after the show and starred in hit K-dramas such as Love In The Moonlight (2016) and Encounter (2018). He recently made a cameo in Itaewon Class, too! In 2019, Bo Gum embarked on his first international fan meeting tour called Good Day. Now known as "Bogummy" to fans, he has multiple projects lined up: a drama about the modeling industry (The Moment), and a star-studded sci-fi movie (Wonderland).


Ryu Joon Yeol (Kim Jung Hwan)

Like his co-stars, Reply 1988 was his first big drama project! In 2016, Joon Yeol starred in the series Lucky Romance opposite Hwang Jung Eum. After this, he focused on making blockbuster movies such as The King (2017) and A Taxi Driver (2017). He is set to appear in director Choi Dong Hoon's star-studded science-fiction film. A quick scroll through Joon Yeol's offish IG account shows that he loves posting photos from his travels in different countries! Ryu Jun Yeol has also been pretty active in saving the environment and even made a generous donation to Greenpeace's "End Plastic Pollution" campaign in 2018.


Go Kyung Pyo (Sung Sun Woo)

After starring in Reply 1988, he had lead roles in the shows Chicago Typewriter (2017), Strongest Deliveryman (2017), and Cross (2018). Go Kyung Pyo started his mandatory military service in May 2018 and was discharged in January 2020. In May 2019, during one of his breaks from the military, Go Kyung Pyo had an adorable reunion with Reply 1988 co-star Park Bo Gum! As to future projects, the actor is reportedly starring in a 2020 drama called Private Life alongside Seohyun.


Lee Dong Hwi (Ryu Dong Ryong)

Lee Dong Hwi's character in Reply 1988 was fond of getting into trouble despite being the school dean's son. He was also the one the others often turned to for advice. His most recent projects include the drama Pegasus Market and the comedy film Extreme Job, which won the Audience Choice Award for Most Popular Film at the 40th Blue Dragon Film Awards. The actor is confirmed to appear in the upcoming science-fiction anthology series SF8.


And because we know you're curious, here's what the rest of the young cast members look like now:

Ryu Hye Young (Sung Bo Ra)

Where we last saw her: Eun Joo's Room (2018)

Choi Sung Won (Sung No Eul)

Where we last saw him: Chocolate (2019)


Ahn Jae Hong (Kim Jung Bong)

Where we last saw him: Fight For My Way (2017) and Time To Hunt (2020)

Kim Seol (Sung Jin Joo)

Where we last saw her: Ayla: The Daughter of War (2017)


The veteran actors who played their parents, Sung Dong Il (Deok Sun's father), Lee Il Hwa (Deok Sun's mother), Ra Mi Ran (Jung Hwan's Mother), Kim Sung Kyun (Jung Hwan's father), Kim Sun Young (Sun Woo's mother), Choi Moo Sung (Taek's Father), and Yoo Jae Myung (Dong Ryong's father) are K-drama regs, so we're sure you've been seeing them on-screen quite a lot!


BRB, rewatching Reply 1988 now!

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