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Did You Know? It Took Over P10 Billion to Make Netflix's "Red Notice" Happen

It's the most expensive film Netflix has produced so far!
Did You Know? It Took Over P10 Billion to Make Netflix's "Red Notice" Happen
IMAGE Red Notice/Netflix
It's the most expensive film Netflix has produced so far!

Car chases, helicopters, explosions, a whole bull arena—these were just some of the few elements needed to get Netflix’s Red Notice off the page and onto the screen. 

With all the chaos that’s bound to happen, it’s no secret that action films are expensive to make, but did you know it took the streaming platform more cash than most to produce Red Notice? Over a reported $200 million (approximately P10 billion), to be exact! As it stands, it’s currently the most expensive Netflix original film available in their library.

PHOTO BY Red Notice/Netflix

Apart from the explosive action sequences, we’re guessing at least a good amount of that number went to its lead actors. The film does boast of a star-studded cast, after all, and with three big ticket names top-billing your movie, you can bet their established media power is going to cost you, especially in Hollywood.

An exclusive article by Variety reported that Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds and Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot earned at least $20 million each for their work on Red Notice. Meanwhile, Dwayne Johnson, who’s also a producer on the project, is “set to make millions more,” according to Variety. To give you an idea, the action star reportedly earned an estimated $30-$50 million for the upcoming Amazon Studios film Red One, and industry insiders are speculating that his salary for Red Notice could be just as high.

PHOTO BY Red Notice/Netflix
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The big-budget caper film follows Dwayne Johnson as agent John Hartley, the FBI’s top profiler. When an Interpol-issued Red Notice—the highest level warrant to hunt and capture the world’s most wanted—goes out for art thief Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds), John wastes not time bringing him in. However, when he’s framed for stealing a precious artifact after the arrest, John reluctantly ends up teaming with Nolan to clear his name and capture the person responsible for landing him in jail—suspected to be The Bishop (Gal Gadot) a.k.a. the world’s most wanted art thief.

Red Notice is now available for streaming exclusively on Netflix.

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