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Recreating Her World: An Insider View Into Bianca Gonzalez Intal's Multiple Facets

Here's how she juggles being a mom, host, and content creator.

Sep 25, 2020

"I have chosen to just shift my perspective from it being a challenge to it being a blessing."—Bianca Gonzalez Intal

To say that this pandemic has turned our lives around is an understatement. Staying indoors for the better half of the year (and counting!) has pushed us to accomplish work remotely, as well as recreate our lives to fit the confines of our homes. This is true for everyone as much as it is for host, content creator, and full-time mom Bianca Gonzalez-Intal.


Pre-pandemic, the Preview Magazine May 2007 cover girl was known for hosting shows like Umagang Kay Ganda and Cinema One News. Followers of her YouTube and Instagram accounts also know her self-made video content that tackles various topics ranging from motherhood to career advice. These days, the multi-hyphenate says that she considers herself fortunate to still be able to continue her work at home.

“Putting together interviews has come so naturally to me, probably because I have been working as a professional host for over 16 years now. I truly enjoy the process, and being able to do it at home, with others who are home as well, has made things much easier to set up.”

Recreating the Art of Hosting for an Online Audience

When quarantine was enforced in mid-March, Bianca was quick to release YouTube videos featuring expert takes on how different life at home would be. As a Pinoy Big Brother alumna, she has a ton of insights on what it’s like to stay in one place for days on end. “As a former housemate turned host of Pinoy Big Brother, I knew that there were natural behavioral changes when you are secluded in one place, and so I felt that doing interviews with psychologists and life coaches would help a lot of people deal with the emotional rollercoaster and anxieties that come with being ‘isolated.’”

Recommended Videos

What started as one episode quickly turned into a series of interviews over the last few months. Her YouTube channel now has a list of Paano Ba ’To videos about dos and don'ts for the new normal, productivity hacks while working from home, dealing with money issues during quarantine, and so much more. In addition to psychology experts, she had gone on to interview the insightful personalities like Karen Davila, Frankie Pangilinan, and Boy Abunda.


Given her prolific pace, many would be surprised to discover that Bianca actually produces all of her content on her own. “A lot of people think I have a team but I really don’t. For my videos that require more detailed editing, I work with my editor Kirstin Alonzo, or I work with editor friends from ABS-CBN for specific projects that require a certain look that I know they can deliver.”

Talking about her content planning process, Bianca explains that she often starts with a problem or an issue that she wants to address. The topic usually comes from articles she reads, people she talks to, and social listening. She then matches the problem with a subject matter expert who has both knowledge and credibility to give advice on the matter. She makes it a point to contact her guests herself to explain the topic. After booking a common schedule, she continues to do more research about the issue and her guest.


“For my show Cinema One News on Cinema One, we do have our team who puts the show together. But on my end, for every interview I set out to do, I really do my research beforehand, and work with our writers to come up with the most interesting interview possible.”


Having to shift to the virtual space has posed a challenge to the seasoned host. “When hosting in person, you feel the energy of the crowd, you can read the body language of your interviewees and your co-hosts, and you can literally see signals from your staff behind the camera—all of which do not exist in online hosting” she says.

With the absence of visible physical cues, Bianca had to retool the skills she’s honed through the years to suit the new working conditions. Reimagining the virtual space as a studio with an unseen audience has required her to be extra observant and methodical as she conducts her interviews.

Redefining Influence and Content Creation

Over the years, the content creator has amassed 2.3 million followers on Instagram and 131,000 subscribers on YouTube—not a humble feat for someone who also plays an active role as digital content director of media and retail organization She Talks Asia. This success is something Bianca credits to being a multi-tasker and planner, as well as a writer and researcher. “I have always been a hungry consumer of news and social media because it is so important in my work to stay up-to-date with what is happening, with what people are talking about.”


When asked what impact she hopes her content would make, she had this to say: “Maybe I’d just like to add that whenever I do speak up about any issue, it has always really been to encourage others to think critically as well. Whenever I share my opinion, it is not to impose. If someone is swayed or convinced, that is just a happy bonus for me, but it really has been to make the one reading it think.


“My YouTube channel doesn’t show my ‘day in the life’ or pranks and challenges. It isn’t the usual ‘celebrity’ content, but I do feel I serve a very specific purpose. The mission-vision of Paano Ba ’To has always been to make people feel that 1) whatever it is they are going through, they are not alone; and 2) that whatever it is they are going through, they will get through it.”

Navigating Full-Time Motherhood and Work at Home

As anyone who’s been working remotely would know, balancing one’s personal and professional life at home is not exactly the easiest thing to do. Bianca admits that she’s had much help from her “supportive husband and compassionate ates” who take care of her two daughters whenever she has a lot on her plate. Despite the hassle of blurred lines dividing her time for work and family, the proud mom says that the best thing about working from home is getting little breaks to recreate better days for her kids.


How does she stay on top of everything, switching from mom-mode to work-mode in a snap?

She explains that it’s a matter of changing her outlook to one that’s more positive and appreciative. “I focus on things like, if before I had to leave one hour before my call time to make it to set on time, now, I can start setting up twenty minutes before my call time and spend up to the last few seconds of the time before I have to go up playing with my kids,” she shares, adding “If I am working on my laptop on the dining table and my daughter pulls me to play with her, I can take a quick ten-minute break to color and draw with her or read a book to her, then go back to my work right after.” She says that it’s this shift in perspective that’s allowed her to stay inspired and motivated at work.


“What has also been vital to my not being too stressed and avoiding burnout is that I LOVE THE WORK I DO (all caps for emphasis!). I really do!”

From One Hyphen to the Next

From her first stint as the host of the show GameChannel Extreme to her appearance in Pinoy Big Brother: Celebrity Edition (PBB), to eventually finding love and starting her own family, Bianca’s lengthy career had seen her taking on many different roles. She shares about how her audience has grown with her as she went through many of life’s stages with them. “I get so many messages from women who mention how they used to watch me in college on PBB and see the outfits I’m wearing, and how they have evolved to now being mothers as well, checking out the latest activities I do with my kids,” she explains. “We all grew up together and it has been a really, really wonderful journey hearing their stories, too.”


Throughout all these and even more so nowadays as she endeavors to keep in touch with followers and fulfill her work online, Bianca says that she’s fortunate to have grown with a network provider that has also evolved with her. As a Globe ambassador, she proudly shares that she’s been a Globe “baby” for the last 19 years. From her first mobile phone in college (she still uses the same number to date!), to landing a spot in the telecom giant’s memorable GenTXT R U 1 Of Us campaign, to being part of the brand’s numerous iconic ads, she claims that Globe has literally been with her through every important moment of her life.


“I can literally say that for every phase, there has been a Globe product that was perfect for me. Needless to say that this work-from-home situation has made me dependent on Globe to stay connected. From uploading content for She Talks Asia, to staying updated with my family abroad through our chat groups, to easily checking on what’s trending on all platforms, to being able to host from home, and even enabling my daughter to do online school, Globe is there.”


As we try to navigate our own multitude of roles during this crisis, Globe hopes to remind us that like Bianca, we too can recreate our lives at home. With its new campaign Recreate, the brand is sending the message that we can all push forward through innovation and creativity—that we may be home for our safety, but even quarantine shouldn’t stop us from recreating the moments we live for.

It is this message that also pushed Globe to create the Facebook group Parental Guidance, a free and honest space where moms can share helpful tips and stories of success and learnings with other parents. In doing so, Globe wants to reassure them that they’re not alone in navigating this new life at home, and that like Bianca, they too can thrive in change.

Visit Globe’s website and follow Globe on Facebook and Instagram. Learn more about the Recreate campaign here.


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