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5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Kings

"Because sometimes The King is also a queen."
5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Kings
"Because sometimes The King is also a queen."

Love comes in all forms. There is no one way of loving someone because each love story is unique, just like Angelina and Joey Mead King's. After recently coming out as a transgender woman, businessman and car connoisseur Ian King is now called Angelina—and still, Angelina and Joey are happily married.

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TLC Southeast Asia's show about the Kings' lives is the best avenue for the couple to share to the public their new life. Below, we list down the five reasons why you should totally look forward to it:

1. It's not exactly a documentary, and it's not a reality show either.

So what is it? From the pilot episode, The Kings is a little bit of both. As a reality show, it follows the daily lives of the couple and shows their personal side. As a documentary, the show gathers opinions from regular people on the street, making the show more informative and educational.

2. Fashion, fashion, fashion!


Being both inclined to stylish clothes, you can expect a whole lot of fashion insights. Learn the couple's shopping habits and even their beauty secrets! 

3. See how their lives have changed.

Coming out is just part of the narrative; adjusting to their new life entails work and conscious effort. The show reflects how they deal with the outside noise and their internal struggles, and how they survive these by being each other's stronghold.

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4. It also shows how they are still pretty much who they are.


Angelina is still into cars. Joey is still pretty much Joey. Both are still into clothes. At the end of the day, they are two persons in love and in bliss.

5. The show will inspire you.


But not in an imposing way. As Angelina tells us during the show's press preview, "In knowing a transgender, that person will transition. But you also have to transition at the same time. So all then people around me have to get used to the pronouns and the description and also help tell other people. You're now all advocates. Because you know us, you're going to be able to share our story and [explain] to others who don't understand."


The show will premiere on Thursday, June 22 at 9pm on TLC (SKY Cable Ch 62). Concurrently, the series will also air on TLC Southeast Asia’s Facebook page globally at 9.05pm on the same night, followed by a Facebook Live Q&A session with the Kings.

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