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So You're Planning on Traveling Abroad? Here's Why You Might Want to Reconsider

Traveling lets us experience life at large, but it might come with a price more expensive than airfare.
So You're Planning on Traveling Abroad? Here's Why You Might Want to Reconsider Traveling lets us experience life at large, but it might come with a price more expensive than airfare.

The new age of connectivity has made international travel easier than ever. For millennials, traveling means a myriad of things: from a quick city escape to a much-needed vacation. Whatever the reason is, people seek travel as a means to recharge, enjoy, and experience life at large—but it doesn't always come without a price. 

With the heightened alerts relating to the widespread COVID-19 virus, this price now involves a more realistic fear on top of airfare and accommodation expenses. Suddenly, you're a tad more careful in booking flights and wee bit more cautious while enjoying your trip.

Surely, traveling right now might sound like a good idea because of the following:


Pro #1: It’s the perfect season to travel.

In most countries, March and April signal the transition from winter to spring, making it ideal if you want to enjoy a relatively cool season without having to pack multiple layers of clothing prior to your trip. It’s also during this time that people flock to different countries to see the changing colors of the season. 

Pro #2: With travel bans imposed on certain countries, you have can have specific tourist spots all to yourself.

We all know that a huge chunk of every country’s tourist population comes from Asian countries like China and Korea where the virus has reached its peak. With travel bans imposed on these countries, you have more chances of having certain tourist spots all to yourself. Goodbye, photobombers!  


Pro #3: Flights are cheaper. 

With the decrease in the demand for flights, airfare prices have since dropped to their lowest. If you're on a tight budget but also considering a short vacation, then this might be the perfect time for you to book the cheapest flights.

With all the above-mentioned considered, there might still be that lingering doubt that's bugging you to cancel all travel plans altogether. Heck, you might even be thinking of not leaving home at all! If you're still deciding whether or not going abroad is the next step for you, here are some cons you ought to also pay attention to:

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Con #1: Viruses incubate better in colder places. 

Cold areas are the best breeding grounds for viruses like the COVID-19, so if you’re traveling to cold countries like Europe, Japan, or Korea, you might want to rebook your flight and push through during the summer, where viruses can’t live long enough to infect you or your loved ones.

Con #2: Certain tourist spots may be closed due to safety reasons. 

In line with the increase of COVID-19 cases in different countries, many establishments have already announced the temporary closure of their attractions to prevent the further spread of the virus. Planning to go to Tokyo or Osaka for the sakura season? We hate to burst your bubble but Japan has already canceled their cherry blossom festivals due to the outbreak.


Con #3: You're putting yourself at a much greater risk of acquiring the virus.

Yes, flights are cheaper, but traveling at this time also means that you're putting yourself at a higher risk of acquiring the virus. Epidemics like the COVID-19 are easily transmitted from person to person depending on your location, so you'll never really know who among the people you've interacted with during your trip carries the virus.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you: Will you take advantage of the cheaper flights? Or would you rather not risk paying the price of contracting the virus?

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