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7 Must-Have Items to Shop If You Want to Sleep Better at Night

From calming teas to pillow mists that really work.
7 Must-Have Items to Shop If You Want to Sleep Better at Night
IMAGE Clipper, Neals Yard Remedies, Trizie; Illustrator: Igi Talao
From calming teas to pillow mists that really work.

Having trouble catching some Zs? Hard same. Whether the reason for your lack of sleep stems from stress, anxiety, school, work, or even just binging too many shows on Netflix, it won’t hurt to shop for items that’ll ease your slumber.

From pillow sprays to supplements that promise you a more restful night in bed, here are effective and non-gimmicky recommendations to help you get a real good night’s sleep.

7 Must-Have Items to Shop For Better Sleep

1. Neal’s Yard Goodnight Pillow Mist

Infused with lavender, mandarin oils, and vetiver (a fragrant grass used in perfumes), this dreamy concoction promises to relax you the moment your head touches the pillow. The scent is undeniably calming and helps you achieve a deeper sleep after a long day out. No wonder it’s one of the brand’s award-winning products.

PHOTO BY Neals Yard Remedies

Goodnight Pillow Mist, P950, NEAL'S YARD, Rustan's

2. Clipper Snore and Peace Tea

For those who toss and turn before finally falling asleep, try Clipper’s tried and tested tea that will help you clock into dreamland as soon as your back hits the bed. Unlike other teas, Snore and Peace gets you quite drowsy, so be sure to drink it right before you tuck in!

PHOTO BY Clipper
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Snore & Peace tea (box of 20), P245, CLIPPER, Lazada

3. The Body Shop French Lavender Pillow Mist

Lavender is a known essential oil that promotes relaxation, so it’s only natural that The Body Shop decided to create a mist out of it. All you need to do is spritz a little on your pillow and let the calming fragrance lull you to sleep.

PHOTO BY The Body Shop

Lavender pillow mist, P795, THE BODY SHOP, Shopee

4. TRIZIE Night Z

If you’re wary of supplements, let this purple pill change your mind. Though the initial effects vary from person to person, rest assured that you’ll feel refreshed and well-rested even after five to six hours of sleep. This supplement helps your body recharge and heal as you sleep, making you feel less tired even if you didn’t have a full sleep cycle!


Night Z sleep supplements, P995/box of 10, TRIZIE,

5. Kun-Kun Weight Blanket

Studies have shown that a weighty sheet actually helps reduce stress because of the pressure put on the body. The effect is that you produce more seratonin and melatonin to promote sleep. But most weighted blankets are made of warm and heavy fabrics that somehow are only comfortable if you’ve got the AC on. But Kun-Kun’s is different. The blanket has a cool cotton side for hotter summer days and a dotted polyester mink side when it’s chilly.


Two-sided weighted blanket set in cream, P5000, KUN-KUN,

6. This Works Sleep Plus + Pillow Spray

This bottle is a triple threat. Containing lavender, vetiver and chamomile, which are known relaxing agents, this bottle uses aromatherapy to give you a full and uninterrupted sleep after a few spritzes. 

PHOTO BY This Works

Sleep Plus + pillow spray, P1750, THIS WORKS, Sephora

7. Good Night Drink

Another tried and tested drink to try if you’re not a fan of tea! This can contains lemon balm and hop extracts that are proven to help with relaxation. Best part? It’s sugar-free and uses no artificial sweeteners!

PHOTO BY Good Night Drink

Drink'n'Dream herbal drink, P85, GOOD NIGHT DRINK, Shopee 

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