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Vice Ganda Reveals the Real Reason Why He Doesn't Repeat Outfits on TV

From having a Supreme to Off-White splurging phase, Vice Ganda seems to know which designer fashion item to invest in. May it be owning a trendy pair of expensive sneakers or dressing in a maximalist style during his shows, it's his honest way of fully expressing himself. You can call it self-love, but he also describes it as a form of joy to do so. 

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Throughout his It's Showtime career prior to the pandemic, Vice discloses that he never repeated a single outfit on every episode of their older seasons. In this Preview Exclusive interview via Summit Sandwich Sessions, he reveals the story behind his accumulating wardrobe and how that fact changed in the show's latest seasons. Watch the video below!

WATCH: Vice Ganda explains why he doesn't repeat outfits on TV