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These Celebs Just Shared the Best Text Convos They've Had With Their Dads

We'd definitely scroll back on these #PreviewDadTexts.
These Celebs Just Shared the Best Text Convos They've Had With Their Dads
We'd definitely scroll back on these #PreviewDadTexts.

Thanks to today’s technology, sharing a conversation with your dad has become so much easier, even when you’re miles apart. Sending him cute and meaningful “good morning” and “good night” texts or telling him a short story about how your day went has easily become a daily occurrence for many of us, by which celebrities and influencers make no exception, too. We’d be lying if we said their cute, and sometimes, hilarious replies don’t help us get through the day. It’s nice to think the simplest reply over Viber or Messenger can become a snippet of your life you can truly cherish forever. That said, we’re rounding up little moments these celebrities shared with their dads through text, that are totally worth scrolling back to.

When you send a sweet and genuine message to dad.

Have you ever sent something cute and meaningful to your dad? If he just happens to be the type to dodge sweet gestures like this, then you might be able to relate with Heart Evangelista! Heart shares with us her dad’s funniest response to her early “Happy Father’s Day” greeting. The actress keeps a very tight and casual relationship with her dad, Rey Ongpauco; hence, the jokes they send over text. She even tells Preview, “My dad is like my friend so this is how we talk to each other.”

PHOTO BY Heart Evangelista

When dad needs help with his captions.

Not all fathers are old-fashioned, and Chi Gibbs’ dad, Janno Gibbs, proves to us that he’s just as tech-savvy and as stylish as we are. In fact, he’s been keeping up on trends and posting his OOTDs on the gram, too. The best part? He even asks his daughters for advice on his captions. Just check out the convo Chi shared with her dad below.

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PHOTO BY Chi Gibbs

When you want to borrow something from dad.

Sporting your boyfriend’s hoodie is cute and all, but we think it’s just way more worthwhile and sentimental when you style your dad’s passed down jackets instead. Kiana Valenciano can totally vouch for this because she just loves taking her dad’s clothes. In fact, Gary V even likes to tease his daughter by saying he would still wear them to his upcoming shows if she hadn't decided to steal them.

PHOTO BY Kiana Valenciano

When you’re forever daddy’s little girl.

One thing that resonates among fathers is their genuine love and care for their daughters. They would do anything to protect them, even if it means keeping up with their daily schedule and whereabouts. Verniece Encisco can totally relate because she still follows her dad’s implemented curfew, even at the age of 27! In fact, it’s no shocker when her dad sends a message whenever she goes out because he expects Verniece to ask for his permission before she leaves. She tells Preview, “It was bothersome back then, but I’m glad my parents brought me up like this.” After all, daughters will always be their fathers' “baby girl,” regardless of their age.

PHOTO BY Verniece Enciso

When dad can’t accept he’s aging too.

When you’re in your 20s or even your teenage years, saying your age aloud has never been so easy. But when you’re about to hit your 50s, just like John Estrada is, sometimes you’d rather not mention it at all. His daughter Inah Estrada tells Preview, “It was my dad’s birthday last monday and he turned 48.” She also adds, “He always changes his age, because he hates the thought of getting old, since he’s just two years away from 50.”

PHOTO BY Inah Estrada

When dad doesn’t even know how to text.

We’ve got to admit, sometimes dads and technology just don’t go well together, and we can totally respect that. Much like many non-techie dads out there, Mimiyuuuh and Ruffa Gutierrez’s fathers have never shared a conversation with their daughters through text, simply because they don’t know how to. They’re living proof that you don’t need technology to keep your dad and daughter bond strong and long-lasting.

PHOTO BY Mimiyuuuh
PHOTO BY Ruffa Guiterrez

What’s the best or funniest text your dad ever sent you?  Share us a screenshot of the most memorable text conversation you’ve had with your dad via Preview's IG. You can also post them on Instagram stories. Just don’t forget to use the hashtag, #PreviewDadTexts. We’ll be reposting the funniest #PreviewDadTexts on Father’s Day itself (June 20, 2021, Sunday).

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