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The Preview Ball 2022 Ushered in a New Era of Fashion and Art That Celebrates Inclusivity

The Preview Ball 2022 Ushered in a New Era of Fashion and Art That Celebrates Inclusivity
IMAGE Deneb Villanueva
"In this often cruel world, fashion should be your friend. Fashion should be the one helping you celebrate your uniqueness and individuality."

The Preview Ball 2022 broke the internet with its star-studded guest list, breaching seven million video views and over 61,000 tweets within 12 hours. But last night's gathering of the most fashionable was more than just about creating hype. As the undisputed authority on fashion and beauty in the Philippines since 1995, Preview is celebrating a new era defined by a more inclusive and proudly Filipino culture. 

Apart from honoring the 50 Most Influential, one of the evening's main highlights was the unveiling of the brand manifesto fronted by the Preview editorial team—and its message couldn't be clearer: Fashion is for everyone. And for Preview, no one is an outsider.

Watch the video here:

Reinforcing this message was the heartfelt speech made by Preview's Editor-in-Chief and the Head of Content for Summit Media's female titles, Marj Ramos-Clemente, that underlines the importance of veering away from a culture of exclusion.

Preview's Editor-in-Chief, Marj Ramos-Clemente, giving her speech at the Preview Ball 2022.
PHOTO BY Deneb Villanueva

Read it below:

"I started my career in Preview eight years ago as an editorial assistant. I can still vividly remember attending my very first Preview Ball because I chased after celebrities in my high heels to ask who they were wearing. I was extremely shy, very socially awkward, kind of weird. I certainly wasn't your proverbial fashion girl.

"So, what an incredible honor to be able to stand here in front of you tonight and welcome you to the Preview Ball!

"Like myself, my fellow editors from the Preview team, and I suppose like most of you here tonight, we're constantly pressured by the society to fit a certain mold. We're expected to adhere by such standards if we wish to be accepted. 

"Admittedly, even the fashion world tends to feel intimidating or alienating sometimes. But fashion should be for everyone. It's not supposed to make you feel small, or make you feel like you don't belong. It should do the exact opposite. In this often cruel world, fashion should be your friend. Fashion should help you celebrate your uniqueness and individuality.

"If there's one thing I learned from being in Preview all these years, it's that it's okay to just be yourself and own all those little quirks and nuances. It's okay to create your own destiny and not follow the path that everyone else seemingly set up for you. 

"For a brand like Preview that reaches millions of users every month, most of whom are young girls and boys, to convey a message of kindness and inclusivity to our audience is no longer just a privilege. It is, more importantly, a responsibility.

watch now

"Tonight, we honor the legacy built by the Preview editors before us by thriving in the present and embracing the new platform that allows us to reach our audience beyond content. As we now walk our own path, the new Preview remains true to its core values that champion a proudly Filipino culture."

Missed the Preview Ball? Watch the recorded livestream from Preview's official Facebook page below:

The Preview Ball 2022 is co-presented by Guess with major sponsors BYS and Avignon Clinic, in partnership with Waveplay Interactive, Careless Music, MONO8 Gallery, La Belle Fete, Bloom, Gary Dacanay, and Randy Lazaro. Special thanks to our official venue partners, Robinsons Land and Bridgetowne Destination Estate.

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