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How to Have a Positive Experience on Instagram

"Utilize the mute feature."
How to Have a Positive Experience on Instagram
"Utilize the mute feature."

The Instagram account @sighswoon is known for its posts–or memes, to be exact–that often tackle themes of wellness and self-care. "Through making memes and creating an Instagram community based in positivity, wellness, and humor, I am creating something I find constructive on a platform that can be shrinking," the person behind it, Gabi Abrao, says of the account. In an interview with Dazed Digital, she also explained that she took particular interest in this issue and medium to "debunk the myth that wellness is the preserve of the privileged, and in doing so hands it back to the masses."

That said, what recently caught our eye from her IG feed is a mini guide on "how to have a positive experience on Instagram," which she accordingly made right after undergoing an "Instagram break" herself. During the said social media detox, she realized that the app itself isn't the root cause of today's mental health problems; the problem lies in our usage and habit.


With the intent of creating a more positive social media environment, she shares her tips on how to have a better and more meaningful experience when using Instagram:

1. "Click and browse mindfully."

2. "Decide if you'repromoting yourself or just in it for your friends."

3. "Keep up with long distance [friends] in more intimate ways."

4. "Don't take likes seriously."

5. "Do not treat Instagram as the one-all platform."

6. "Take note of the way it benefits you and focus on that."

7. "Utilize the mute feature."

8. "Do not feel guilty about the joy it brings you."

Check her post below to find out more!

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