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12 Places Where You Can Go Shopping If You Want a More Stylish Home

Time to decorate!
12 Places Where You Can Go Shopping If You Want a More Stylish Home
Time to decorate!

Your home is a reflection of who you are. And considering that your home decor is basically a collection of things that you like, it may be said that your home is also an extension of your being. Thus, it's important to know where to shop for unique and stylish pieces that represent your best self. (Bonus: It also never hurts to make your place Instagrammable!)

1. Heima Store

On the hunt for a modern, eclectic space? Heima store has the perfect pieces for you. Go crazy in their mix of furniture and house accessories that come in unique colors and go well with almost anything!

2. Co/Op Manila

For unique home knick-knacks, head on over to Co/Op. And while you're at it, you can even dine in their in-house cafe!

3. Craft Smith Living

Looking for updated basics? Head on over to this place and shop for succulents and rustic style pieces.

4. Common Room

The best part in hanging art in your home? Hanging one that you made yourself! Common Room hosts art workshops so you can take home decorating to a whole new level!

5. Crate & Barrel

For a great selection of house and table wares, Crate & Barrel has got you covered.

6. Philux

Built by fashion girl Steph Kienle, Philux will make your chic Swiss dreams come true in the form of quality furniture.

7. Urban Abode

Perfect for the urbanites, Urban Abode will let you come home into a smart space as you furnish your place with industrial-inspired pieces.

8. Ito Kish

Walk into a modernized ancestral home by incorporating Filipino-inspired pieces from Ito Kish.

9. Space Encounters

Step into the mod years with the help of Space Encounters' fun and eclectic pieces your home shouldn't miss.

10. Bungalow 300

Easy-going, unhurried, and versatile, Bungalow 300's pieces are the epitome of functional design.

11. Mozaic Living

Grab a cup of coffee as you browse through Mozaic Living's collection of bespoke funiture.

12. Lanai Manila

Opulent housewares are tucked away in Lanai Manila. Allot a day in this place as it could easily be a rabbit hole! Did we mention you can also shop for clothes here as well?