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Pia Wurtzbach Is a True Queen When It Comes to Dealing with Bashers and Here's Proof

Pia Wurtzbach Is a True Queen When It Comes to Dealing with Bashers and Here's Proof
IMAGE Instagram/piawurtzbach
She has the best clapbacks against her haters.

Ever since her Miss Universe win in 2015, Pia Wurtzbach has experienced the highs and lows of being in the spotlight. Although the beauty queen is well-loved by many, she's had her fair share of encounters with bashers. In spite of all the negativity, she continues to spread love and optimism. Even on her social media channels, she doesn't condone unsolicited comments and hate messages—she knows when to remain unbothered and when to stand up for herself.

Below, we round up all the times Pia demonstrated queen behavior when it comes to dealing with her bashers.

1. Her classy response to a netizen who told her to "move on" from pageants

In a vlog for The Queens Youtube channel, Pia read out loud a comment telling her to stop talking about pageants, comparing her to other beauty queens who have pursued a different career outside pageantry. "Move ka na sa pageant girl! Former beauty queens barely talk about pageants anymore! They talk and focus now on their new career! Wala ka na bang ibang kayang gawin! PAGEANT LANG? Wake up! @piawurtzbach," the comment stated.

Pia was taken aback by the comment, first stating that she hasn't been actively talking about pageants for a while now. Her response? She gave the netizen a reality check, saying: "Okay, real talk, you can't completely detach yourself from pageants. Especially me, because I came from a beauty pageant and I was Miss Universe so it's a big part of my life," she explained. 

PHOTO BY Instagram/missuniverse
Pia also pointed out that beauty pageants can have a big impact on one's life. She said, "I don't agree na pageant lang 'to kasi maraming mga nagbabago ang buhay dahil dito at isa na ako doon. So thank you very much." Well said, Pia!

Watch the full vlog here:

2. Her confidently beautiful Instagram post flaunting her stretch marks and cellulites

Last May 2020, Pia posted a raw photo of herself in a striped bikini, showing off her stretch marks and cellulites. 

The photo was accompanied by an empowering caption about loving one's body. "We’re more than a number on a scale, a filter on Instagram, or the opinion of other people,"Pia wrote. "[I] was a bit hesitant to post this pic 'cause I’ve been called so many names over the years, but you know what, this body has carried me through life, and I will honor it—cellulites, jiggles and all," 

Thank you to Pia for reminding us that these so-called "flaws" are normal, natural, and nothing to be ashamed of! More than that, they're beautiful and valuable, too!

PHOTO BY Instagram/piawurtzbach
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3. Her #unbothered response to a netizen who accused her of being a "copycat"

Back in 2021, an Indonesian pageant fan called Pia a "copycat" for wearing a dress similar to that of American actress and singer Keke Palmer. This basher compared Pia's 2015 winning blue gown to Keke's look at the 2014 Hollywood awards night. 

The pageant fan posted on Instagram a side-by-side photo collage of Pia and Keke in their respective dresses, with the caption: “TO [sic] MUCH INSPIRASON KAK [HEART EMOJI],” which translates to, “too much inspiration, sis” in English. It also adds, “MISS COPYCAT @piawurtzbach” followed by several thumbs down emojis.

Pia remained an unbothered queen, even commenting a wink face emoji as well as a series of hashtags: “#WINNER #PHILIPPINES #POWERHOUSE,” she wrote.

PHOTO BY Photo by Instagram
PHOTO BY Photo by Instagram

4. Her empowering clapback against a basher giving unsolicited career advice 

In September 2021, a netizen posted a hate comment on one of Pia's photos. The basher compared her to other beauty queens, offering unsolicited career advice. In her reply, Pia highligthed that while she's happy for her fellow queens in showbiz, her personal goals have changed and are different now. She also reminded everyone that pitting women against women is not a healthy mindset, especially in this day and age.
PHOTO BY Instagram/piawurtzbach
PHOTO BY Instagram/piawurtzbach

You keep doing you, Pia! Apart from being the first Filipina to bag the Miss Universe title once again after 42 years, it's her character that truly makes her a queen.

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