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3 Ways to Master Taking Photos on Your Phone, According to BJ Pascual

Here's what we learned from the pro.
3 Ways to Master Taking Photos on Your Phone, According to BJ Pascual
IMAGE Instagram/bjpascual
Here's what we learned from the pro.

When it comes to taking a good photo, most people would think that it has a lot to do with the camera and equipment you are using. But even pro photographers would say that it's not just the camera doing the work 100 percent of the time. Sure, investing in top-tier equipment would be beneficial for you in the long run especially if you're planning to pursue photography full-time. But starting with the basics doesn't mean taking Instagram-friendly and even portfolio-worthy photos is out of the equation. Phones nowadays are just as capable tools as actual cameras.

Part of learning the ropes is learning from the pros. Thankfully, fashion photographer BJ Pascual generously shared photography tips in a YouTube video, including how to shoot a good pic using just your phone. Here's what we learned from the pro:

Be familiar with your phone's settings.

According to BJ, phones these days have advanced tech with settings that are almost comparable to cameras. Playing around with your phone's camera features, like the ISO, aperture, shutter speed—settings that are also normally found in DLSRs—is one way to start. It'll be fairly easy to use after you tinker with the settings.


It's all about the lighting.

One of the most crucial things to consider when taking photos would be the lighting. It usually doesn't matter if you're just shooting in front of a blank wall, idaan mo na lang sa lighting. BJ says, "Watch how sunlight changes, depende kung nasaan ka, kung saan ka nakaharap."

Be familiar with focal length.

A particular thing to note when taking photos is the focal length of your camera lens, and BJ says that it's also useful to take note of this even when you're using your phone's camera. When you understand how focal length works, you'll be able to take advantage of it to play around with the composition of your photo, make small spaces look larger than they are, and even distort the size of the object to make them appear longer.

Watch BJ's full video here:

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