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7 Philippine Beaches to Check Out, Depending on Your Choice of Activity

Which beach should you sail off to next?
7 Philippine Beaches to Check Out, Depending on Your Choice of Activity
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Which beach should you sail off to next?

Gearing up for a holiday getaway? The beach is always a good idea! But this time around, why don’t you mix it up a little? You can turn your break into active leisure by exploring the islands of the Philippines according to your preference. We’ve put together a list of possible vacay spots you can head out to depending on what you plan on doing on your trip. Read on to find out where you should be heading for your next escape!

1. Head to Cagayan de Oro for whitewater rafting. Cagayan de Oro River is your best bet for a fun adventure with friends. Make sure to book a reputable tour company to ensure that your ride through the wild rapids is safe!

2. If you’re looking to try paddle boarding, why not book a trip to Siargao? The waves in Cloud 9 might be intimidating for a newbie but you can start with a steady alternative like paddle boarding. Wave in and through the beautiful lagoons and mangroves on your board!

3. Boracay may be a favorite spot for vacationers all over the world, but did you know you could go kitesurfing on the island? You’re probably already familiar with the white sand side of the island, but Bolabog beach on the other side is the perfect spot for discovering how to kitesurf. Put this on your itinerary when the island re-opens later this year.

4. Fly to Palawan for kayaking, free diving, and snorkeling in the clearest blue waters. Whether you’re planning to hie off to Coron, El Nido, or Puerto Princesa, you’re in for a picturesque escape. It may involve a bit of a trek so make sure to pack appropriate footwear before you dive in.

5. Drive up to La Union and go surfing! Paddle out to the line-up if you’re ready or hit up the surf schools that line the beach. And after a full day of sea love, you can hang by the shore to witness the always majestic sunsets of the LU skyline.


6. How about a dive trip in Anilao? Discover a whole new world underwater and even participate in beach clean-ups while you’re at it! It’s about a two-hour drive out of Manila and there are a lot of dive resorts you can check into once you’re in Batangas.

7. Feel like going on a cave adventure? Go spelunking in Samar! Apart from exploring caves, you can also cool off at the falls. It’ll give you a great workout plus you get to relax at the end of it all. Sounds like fun, right?

There are so many more places to discover and explore in the country. So start with this and tick off all the boxes on the list. Tag us when you go and let us know about the spots we missed! Where are you headed next?