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The "Aged Filter" You've Been Seeing Everywhere Is Moving People to Tears, and Here's Why

Even local celebrities are getting emotional.
The "Aged Filter" You've Been Seeing Everywhere Is Moving People to Tears, and Here's Why
Even local celebrities are getting emotional.

If you consume any sort of social media, chances are, you’ve come across a couple of videos featuring the "Aged Filter." While most users shared their mixed reactions towards the look into the inevitable future, some content creators are actually getting emotional over it—and not for the reason that you think. 

LOOK: People Are Getting Emotional Over Viral TikTok ‘Aged Filter’ 

For those who aren’t familiar with the filter in question, this particular TikTok effect simulates an older version of the user when applied. These types of filters aren’t new, but this specific version has been making waves online, due to how seemingly accurately it predicts people's elderly selves.

Certain TikTok users have been using the "aged filter" on throwback photos of celebrities and comparing them to how they look now. The consensus seems to be the same: The results are actually pretty on point. Just watch this now-viral video of the "aged filter" being used on old photos of the Friends cast:


Because of this video, people are convinced that the "aged filter" is as accurate as it can get. Dr. Joyce Park, a dermatologist and content creator on Tiktok, even made a video stating that it’s a “pretty realistic filter of how your skin and your facial structure changes as you age.” 

Some content creators, including comedian Janno Gibbs, took the filter quite lightly.

Still, it's common to bump into users who reacted with some personal affront about their potential future. 

Others got emotional, prompting some users to grab some tissues mid-video.

"I showed my parents what I would look like when I grow old someday, and that made really emotional because I know for a fact that when that time comes, they will no longer be around to see it for themselves," user @miloalonzzo wrote in the text of her video.

User @maryellow00 also shared the same sentiments. In the video's caption, she wrote, "The realization hits so hard."

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Another content creator diagnosed with stage four colon cancer shared a video of herself with the filter on. In an emotional message, she wondered if she will "ever reach this age."

Meanwhile, another content creator pointed out how the "aged" version of herself looked like her mother who passed away when she was 15. "Glad to see her in me," she wrote.  


Even influencer Inka Magnaye and actress Kylie Padilla couldn't help but feel emotional, too. 


Aging is completely natural, and we'll all have wrinkles and fine lines some day. Let this filter be a reminder to embrace and cherish every moment—whether it's the present or the future!

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