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Here's How You Can Help Food Delivery Guys With "Canceled Orders"

Order Hero comes to the rescue!
Here's How You Can Help Food Delivery Guys With "Canceled Orders"
Order Hero comes to the rescue!

Recently, a photo of a Grab Food rider went viral: The delivery worker was seen crying while eating the food he was supposed to deliver, but was canceled by a customer. This is not the first time food delivery riders have suffered due to order cancellations. In mid-2019, there was talk on social media of a teenage girl who would allegedly prank Grab Food riders, ordering excessive amounts of milk tea and cancel the order when the rider was close by. In response to this plight faced by food service riders, the Facebook group Order Hero was created. 

Photo by FACEBOOK/MeAnn Ortiz.

What is Order Hero?

Order Hero is a public Facebook group where riders of Food Panda, Grab, LalaMove, and Angkas can post their canceled food orders for anyone in the group to buy. It is a way to save the efforts and money of riders whose original customers canceled on them.


As of this writing, the group has approximately 41,000 members, and is growing fast. The group is also responsible for the trending tag #NoToCancelledOrders.

*This story originally appeared on Esquiremag.phMinor edits have been made by the editors.

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