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Feel Like Treating Yourself? Here Are Some Items You Should Consider Adding to Cart

You deserve it!
Feel Like Treating Yourself? Here Are Some Items You Should Consider Adding to Cart
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You deserve it!

What's the first thing you do when you get your paycheck (or let's say, a lil' extra money in general)? If you're being a responsible adult—and we sure hope that you are—you've probably thought about setting aside a portion of your income for savings or an emergency fund. This is great and you should totally keep at it because you're on the right track. 

Not gonna lie, though– every payday, aside from adding to my savings account, I make sure that one way or another, I still get to treat myself. Don't get me wrong: It doesn't always have to be fancy. There are days when I order my favorite food or check out the latest sales from my fave e-commerce sites. These past few months have been tough and I have to admit, shopping online is really one way to cope! To be honest, when you reward yourself of the little things, it can already be a simple joy in itself. You should try it sometime– that is, if you haven't already!


If you're ever in the mood to treat yourself, here are some items that you can add to your online shopping cart.

  1. Scented candles

    Feeling stressed and overwhelmed? Try lighting a scented candle to relax your senses and clear your headspace. There are some with traditional fragrances that'll make your room smell like a spa and café. But if you're looking for something unique, check out the ones that are k-drama-themed or even balikbayan box-scented!

    Candles that smell like Hyun Bin
  2. Jewelry

    Upgrade your look by adding some statement pieces like minimalist huggie hoop earrings, chunky clay rings, and layered necklaces. Check out this collection that's beautifully designed with self-love affirmations:

    Ayn Bernos x Talaala PH jewelry collection: necklace
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  3. Room decor

    Spending a lot of time at home has probably motivated you to give your space a makeover. Try adding a cool lamp, some indoor plants, or a customized rug!

    Poppy Home: mood lamp
  4. Skincare essentials

    ICYDK, you still need to apply sunscreen even if you're indoors! Make sure to stock up on your essentials. 

    how to treat acne from within
    Getty Images
  5. Makeup

    I don't know about you guys, but putting on makeup actually gives me a sense of normalcy despite the ongoing pandemic. One Pinay even shared that it helps her mental health. So go ahead and get all glammed up! Who's to say it's only for going out?

    Getty Images
  6. Supplies for different kinds of hobbies

    Having hobbies is great because it allows you to try something that's totally unfamiliar and gives you an opportunity to grow. It's never too late to learn something new! Why not try getting into diamond painting, roller skating, or Korean ceramics?

    Mess We Made Manila workshops
  7. Your favorite food

    Okay, this is actually a given. You can never go wrong with treating yourself to your favorite food! Slide into that Instagram store's DMs and satisfy your cravings. From fruity desserts, fresh poke bowls, and savory tacos, the choices are endless. Count the memories and not the calories!

    Poke tacos from The Blue Apron

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