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These Online Courses Can Open You Up to New Career Opportunities

Perfect if you're shifting careers in 2021!
These Online Courses Can Open You Up to New Career Opportunities

No matter what your next career move is, it’s never a waste of time to equip yourself with knowledge and skills essential for the job you aim to get. If you want to level up your expertise or you are looking for a job this year, Cream Silk has partnered with to create #ConditionedForGreater online academy, a web portal offering free one-hour online courses and will connect you to partner hiring companies. Some of our Preview Clique members got to take the courses available. Here’s what they learned:  

1. Communications 101: Communicate Effectively with Customers

From everyday conversations to business meetings, it always pays to be a good communicator. This course is recommended for people who want a career in the BPO industry or aspire to be a customer service representative. It focuses on subject-verb agreement, which allows course takers to revisit its nitty-gritty rules for more effective communication. Kaila Concepcion wrapped up the course in just around 10 minutes—but the whole experience has armed her with additional skills she finds vital in managing and curating social media content. “I believe that [communicating well] is the most important thing to know,” Kaila shares. “By taking online courses [like this], it will show [on my CV] that I have added knowledge and understanding [about] communications.” 

2. Project Management 101: Managing Projects Remotely in the New Normal

It does get challenging to juggle different projects all at once, what with the distractions that come out of working from home. By taking this course, you’d be able to learn a thing or two on how you can make the most of remote work which is a pretty big deal in light of our current situation. It's good for those aspiring to be project managers or office assistants. As told by Iya Omaña, “The course was all about Cloud Staffing. It is basically hiring dedicated staff and working with your dream team remotely. You don’t have to be physically together with your team. All you need is a good internet connection and a device [to make things work].” This year, Iya looks forward to more fashion and beauty brand collaborations as part of her plan to become a marketing manager in the future. 

3. Sales 101: Selling in the New Normal

Planning to tap your potential as an entrepreneur? Sales 101 would help improve your strategic thinking and negotiation skills. It will also give you a walkthrough on financial planning. Janny Miranda, a nursing student, welcomed this opportunity to gain new skills this year. And she has actually gained more than what she signed up for. “Just like in [one of the lecture videos], they said to live life to the fullest,” recalls Janny. “[I believe] all women should have that ‘carpe diem’ mentality so we won’t have that regret that we didn’t try.”

Give these courses a shot and be #GreaterThanEver! To start, log on to Cream Silk’s website and enroll in the course of your choice. After you complete the course, you’ll receive a learning badge worth flexing on your CV. You may also upload your CV on the same website and get the chance to score a job interview with companies like [24], Cloudstaff, and FWD Insurance.   

Register and take the FREE courses today at For more updates, follow Cream Silk on Facebook.

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