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This Old Man Shopping at the Ukay-Ukay for His Wife Is Going Viral

Get yourself someone as sweet as this lolo.
This Old Man Shopping at the Ukay-Ukay for His Wife Is Going Viral
Get yourself someone as sweet as this lolo.

True love only grows stronger with age...and a bit of ukay-ukay shopping, it seems! Such was proven by this old man currently going viral on social media. In a sweet gesture, this lolo spent quite a while going 'round the thrift shop while searching for the perfect clothes for his wife.

The heartwarming scene was posted on Facebook by user Janina Ulanday, who'd gone to help him after she'd noticed him browsing the female section of the store. "This old man caught my attention as I enter the store. Tinitignan ko lang siya kasi feeling ko kanina pa siya namimili ng mga damit," she describes on her now-viral post, which currrently has over 75,000 likes, 43,000 shares, and 8200 comments.

According to Janina, the old man had even asked for her opinion, no doubt making sure that his blouse of choice was pretty and worthy enough for his wife. After settling on a top, he then proceeded to the skirts section to find a piece that would match the blouse he had chosen. Talk about intently shopping for a full OOTD. Just adorable!


"This scene touched my heart. He's old. He walks slow, cannot stand straight, but despite all these, he still managed to go to store to buy somehing for his wife," Janina wrote. 

Read up on the full post below!

Honestly, who needs designer clothes and expensive brands when you've got someone as devoted to you and your fashion sense as this lolo?

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