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Here's the Secret to Working With Friends, According to The Itchyworms

It is no doubt that The Itchyworms is among the many iconic OPM bands we've grown to love. Either you have or may not have seen them perform live before, once you hear their songs, there is always a rush of nostalgia. Now that they have been entertaining us for a quarter of a century, their music and friendship still stand tall throughout these years. That said, it’s time that we finally take a look back at their journey together: their struggles and triumphs, their bond as bandmates and friends, and the secret to their enduring appeal. You never know, we might even find out exactly how they came up with their karaoke-worthy songs!

In the upcoming premiere of OG's very first episode, they start off their debut series with a deep dive into the story of Chino, Kel, Jazz, and Jugs—The Itchyworms. It premieres this Friday, July 30, at 8 p.m., only on OG's YouTube channel. For more updates, you can subscribe here or save the notification so you can watch it as soon as it premieres.

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