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Nicola Coughlan Had the Best Reply to a Tweet Calling Her "The Fat Girl from Bridgerton"

Nicola Coughlan Had the Best Reply to a Tweet Calling Her "The Fat Girl from Bridgerton"
IMAGE Instagram/nicolacoughlan
"Also, I have a name."

The only thing that was getting us through our Bridgerton hangover was the thought of the second season. Did you even know that they were snubbed at the Golden Globes? Well, that's a rant for another day. But luckily, that didn't stop Nicola Coughlan (a.k.a. Penelope Featherington) from bringing the house down with her virtual red carpet outfit.

The Irish actress brought regency style to the event in a stunning tulle gown by Molly Goddard. She topped the canary frock with a black cardigan and added pops of color to her overall outfit with her dark coral eye makeup and rouge manicure. 

PHOTO BY Instagram/nicolacoughlan

The internet instantly fell in love with her ensemble (as we did), what with her Instagram post garnering over 200 thousand likes as of writing. But as always, in the online world, it can't all be sunshine and rainbows. Nicola had to call out a tweet written by Amanda Richards, in which the podcast host and former magazine editor called her "the fat girl from Bridgerton" and commented on her wearing a cardigan with her gown.


The tweet reads, "The fat girl from Bridgerton is wearing a black cardigan at the Golden Globes, [because] no matter how hot and stylish you are, if you're a fat girl there will always be a black cardigan you think about wearing, then decide against, but ultimately wear [because] you feel like you have to."

Defending her choice of outfit, Nicole had the best reply to the tweet: "I thought the cardigan looked ace. Molly Goddard used them on her runway with the dresses. That's where the idea came from. Also, I have a name."

PHOTO BY Twitter/nicolacoughlan

True enough, some looks from Molly Goddard's Spring/Summer 2020 did feature cardigans over a tulle frock like Nicola's Golden Globes look. Midsommar and Little Women star Florence Pugh also wore a similar combo on a shoot with Elle UK.

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After responding to Amanda's tweet, the Bridgerton actress linked an article she wrote about judging actors for their body of work instead of their bodies to further her point. She wrote between a series of tweets, "It's so reductive to women when we're making great strides for diversity in the arts, but questions [about weight] just pull us backwards."

"I'm not a body positivity activist, I'm an actor. I would lose or gain weight if [it's] an important role requirement. My body is the tool I use to tell stories, not what I define myself by."

PHOTO BY Twitter/nicolacoughlan

Very well said, Nicola!

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