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Nico Bolzico Has the Funniest Post After Discovering Their Baby's Gender

He even warned their close friends! LOL!
Nico Bolzico Has the Funniest Post After Discovering Their Baby's Gender
He even warned their close friends! LOL!

It's only been almost a month since we learned that Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico are expecting their first child. Now, the couple has officially announced that future #BabyBolz will be a girl.

Revealing their baby's gender, Nico also has the funniest post to accompany the announcement! On Instagram, he shares a photo of himself and his wife—Solenn with her arms up in the air expressing her triumphant glee, and Nico looking like he's in a mixed state of panic and shock. "We are having a baby girl! We were not supposed to reveal the gender until she is born, but since she is a girl, I decided to raise this topic now because there are some warnings that must be spoken to the world," he started his lengthy post.


Claiming to be a "modern dad," Nico concludes in his caption that "nobody is good enough" for his girl. He quips, "For all my friends with baby boys aged from -2 (not born yet) to 5, no matter how close we are, you must know that our friendship will expire in 14 years."

Nico even added a very detailed system his baby girl's future suitors would have to go through, which includes three different stages. And after the suitor has successfully earned the right to take her out on a date? "The first three dates I will personally join in a separate table," Nico wrote.

Of course, the said post merited reactions from their friends, among them was a funny teasing from Isabelle Daza-Semblat, who commented, "Baltie's future [girlfriend]." LOL!

We sure can't wait for #BabyBolz! Congratulations again, Solenn and Nico! 

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