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Nico Bolzico Revealed the Story Behind Solenn's Bikini Photo and We Can't Stop Laughing

Nico Bolzico Revealed the Story Behind Solenn's Bikini Photo and We Can't Stop Laughing
IMAGE Instagram/solenn
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Behind every great Instagram photo is a hardworking Instagram friend or boyfriend who made it happen. Such was the case for one picture on Solenn Heussaff's feed, which was taken during her family's recent trip to Palawan.

The photo is a simple top shot of Solenn lying down on the sand with her back towards the camera. Her spine is perfectly aligned with the shadow of a leaf, and there's no denying that it's a gorgeous picture. "Mom bod art," Solenn wrote in her caption.

solenn heussaff bikini photo
PHOTO BY Instagram/solenn

As simple as the picture might look, though, it actually took a village (four people, to be exact) to achieve. In fact, Solenn's husband Nico Bolzico shared a video of the process on his Instagram, and it's absolutely hilarious!

"If you [enjoyed] @solenn['s] last post, you should know the hard work behind the scenes," he writes in the post.

The clip starts with Solenn jokingly complaining about her lack of self-portraits. "My whole camera roll this trip is selfie or Nico and Thylane," she says. And as she struggled to get in position, the video suddenly pans to the right, revealing that the "tree" casting a shadow on the actress was actually not a tree at all. It was just Nico holding a big leaf above his wife's body! You can also clearly hear Erwan Heussaff's voice in the background, obviously determined to direct his sister to the proper position for the photo.

nico bolzico solenn heussaff
PHOTO BY Instagram/nicobolzico

But that wasn't all! In the same video, Nico is seen directing the person behind the camera (which turned out to be Anne Curtis) to capture what was happening properly.

"The lack of understanding between @annecurtissmith and I is incredible," he quips in the caption. "All this time I was simply asking her to take an horizontal picture, instead she records this vertical 'amazing' video."

The not-so-great quality of the video, Nico adds, simply reinforces why Erwan is their official photographer and videographer during their trips and why Anne and Solenn are the subjects. Nico's role as the assistant is also a constant, and from the looks of the video, he's definitely a great one!

nico bolzico solenn heussaff
PHOTO BY Instagram/nicobolzico
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Shoot struggles aside, at least the effort paid off and they got the shot!

Watch the full video on Nico's Instagram below:

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