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"Photobomber" Building Draws Flak Online After Ruining an Iconic Scene in "Maria Clara at Ibarra"

"Photobomber" Building Draws Flak Online After Ruining an Iconic Scene in "Maria Clara at Ibarra"
IMAGE Maria Clara at Ibarra/GMA
Some netizens edited out the building, while others demanded its demolition!

The GMA hit series Maria Clara at Ibarra has officially wrapped! With its conclusion came a few tears both from the cast and fans alike and, unexpectedly, a couple of laughs and dissent, thanks to a certain architectural “boo-boo.”

In the series’ 103rd episode titled Mabuhay Ka, Rizal!, eagle-eyed viewers spotted the so-called “National Photobomber” during an emotional moment. No spoilers here, but in one scene, the show’s main character Klay Infantes (played by Barbie Forteza) is shown weeping in front of the Rizal Monument at Luneta Park.

PHOTO BY Maria Clara at Ibarra/GMA
PHOTO BY Maria Clara at Ibarra/GMA

LOOK: Netizens React to Torre de Manila Building “Photobombing” in a “Maria Clara at Ibarra” Scene

In one landscape shot, the national site can be seen backdropped by the controversial high-rise building Torre de Manila in the Manila skyline. Viewers, including content creator Yani Villarosa, expressed her annoyance about the “photobomber building” in a tongue-in-cheek tweet.

PHOTO BY Twitter/yanihatesu

One netizen expressed that the scene sent shivers down their spine, but the sight of the building tampered them down.

PHOTO BY Twitter/Dein_Asher
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Others went down the humorous route, as one user quipped that the building might have just been the actual reason for Klay’s tears. Meanwhile, another netizen took matters into their own hands by editing the building out of the shot, thanks to the magic of Photoshop. 

PHOTO BY Twitter/barsibato009
PHOTO BY Twitter/sodiumsunshine

Some, however, wondered why the building wasn’t digitally removed in the first place. In response, a Twitter user wrote that the structure’s presence in the show could reignite the long-standing issue against it.

PHOTO BY Twitter/usernamethirdy
PHOTO BY Twitter/cynian_cruz

And indeed, it did. Discussions on whether or not the building should be demolished quickly filled timelines, with some opting to hear others’ takes on the subject.

PHOTO BY Twitter/SJSebs

Since the 49-story building was granted a zoning permit in June 2012, controversy followed Torre de Manila for marring the sightline of the national Jose Rizal monument. Despite several protests and petitions filed against its construction, the Supreme Court eventually dismissed them in 2017. Construction resumed for the P3.6-billion project, with the building completed and officially opened in 2019.

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