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Netflix's "The Call" Is the Next Korean Thriller Movie You Need to Watch

It's another terrifying film starring Park Shin Hye.
Netflix's "The Call" Is the Next Korean Thriller Movie You Need to Watch
IMAGE Netflix
It's another terrifying film starring Park Shin Hye.

Apart from the worldwide obsession stirred by their dramas, South Korea’s also well known for producing heart-racing global thrillers one hit after the other—from Train to Busan to Parasite, and so much more. This month, we’ve got yet another exhilarating and suspenseful film to look forward to, and you can watch it straight from Netflix

Below, we list down everything you need to know about Netflix’s upcoming mystery thriller titled The Call.

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The Plot

The Call stars Park Shin Hye as Seo-yeon, a young woman living in modern day South Korea. Her whole life is thrown for a loop one day when she returns to her family home and reconnects the landline phone. She eventually receives a call from a stranger named Young-sook (Jun Jong Seo) who, as she’ll soon realize, is actually living in the exact same house, but from 20 years ago. As they continue with their correspondence, the two eventually grow to be adversaries both fighting for their lives when Seo-yeon warns Young-sook of her death.

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The Cast 

Starring opposite Shin Hye and portraying Young-sook is Jun Jong Seo, who’s best known for her performance in the award winning film Burning alongside Yoo Ah In. The rest of the cast also includes Kim Sung Ryoung (The Heirs), Lee El (Goblin, What a Man Wants), Park Ho San (Less Than Evil), Oh Jung Se (It's Okay to Not Be Okay), and Lee Dong Hwi (Reply 1988, The Handmaiden). 

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The Release Date

The movie's producers opted to forego a big screen release for The Call due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. That said, it is now set for a global release exclusively on Netflix on November 27, 2020.

Watch the full trailer below!

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