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Nadine Lustre Opens Up About How She's Been Living Alone During Quarantine

She has moved into her new condominium post-breakup with James Reid.
Nadine Lustre Opens Up About How She's Been Living Alone During Quarantine
She has moved into her new condominium post-breakup with James Reid.

If you’re a fan of Nadine Lustre, then you’ve probably been wondering what the actress has been doing during quarantine since she rarely reveals detailed accounts of her everyday life on Instagram. Well, yesterday, the ABS-CBN star guested in Tim Yap’s Facebook Live show, Tim Yap Live!, where she finally shared tidbits of what her life has been like now—especially since she started living alone.


When asked about what she’s learned since she moved into her new condominium, Nadine talked about how song-writing has helped her deal with her emotions.

“Actually, one of the biggest lessons I learned during the quarantine period is to stop doubting myself. I started believing myself more kasi nga before, I had this fear when it comes to writing, when it comes to making music. Parang I always doubt myself and tell myself na 'You can't do this,' 'You're not good enough,' or 'Your vocabulary is not flowery enough.' Things like that,” Nadine shared.

“But because I've been writing a lot and I've been getting in touch with my emotions or what I've [been] feeling, it's like a Pandora's box—that's how I explained it to other people. Everything I feel or everything I experience is all there [in my writing],” Nadine said.

“Because of the quarantine, I had time to just [take stock of] everything, put it all out and say, 'Okay, what can we do with all these things?' and then I start writing. Every day, I write random stuff. It doesn't really matter if it is good for a song, as long as I get to write something, like a thought or a memory. I just write it down,” she explained.

Another thing she’s realized is that her present self is enough: “I really think kasi that the universe is giving us time work on ourselves and to grow even more. And it’s showing us na all you need to help yourself grow is yourself. And you know, we are enough. I know that’s hard to believe but who we are now and what we know now is enough and that’s all we need,” said. 

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Aside from her reflections, she also talked about her first time living alone in a condo: “It's my first time living in a condo. It's completely different. I'm in the city. The mall is right there, the groceries—easy access. It's really fun.”

She also shared what a typical day in quarantine is like, which reveals how well-balanced her lifestyle is. “It’s really nice. I have my own space. I have a patio kasi, so I have a lot of space for my plants. So, my normal routine is, in the morning I always wake up around 6 or 7 a.m. and then I water my plants, I tend to them. Then, I do cardio and make breakfast. Then, for the rest of the day, I either play computer games, write, or watch a series—that’s it. Parang I'm giving myself a chance to relax and do all the things that I can't do on normal days when I have work,” she shared. 

The 26-year-old actress, who announced last January that she had broken up with longtime beau James Reid, recently posted a low-key birthday greeting for him, causing quite the frenzy among fans. The two had been living together before the breakup. James announced last February that their house was up for sale. 

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