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These Are the Most Surprising Things People Have Been Ordering Online During Quarantine

These Are the Most Surprising Things People Have Been Ordering Online During Quarantine
Looking for tapioca pearls for your milk tea? Well, you're not the only one!

As millions of Filipinos adapt to a homebound lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for purchasing online has never been more prominent. Food delivery services in particular have reached an all time high with businesses fighting to stay afloat and with the sequestered masses missing dining-in at their favorite restaurants. Aside from their basic necessities, however, Filipinos have also found comfort in ordering the most random items. We're talking about things that range from tapioca pearls to—believe or not—DJ equipment.

To give you a complete rundown, below we list down seven of the most surprising things people are ordering online while in quarantine, according to statistics provided by online e-commerce site Lazada.

1. Tapioca Pearls

With dozens of milk tea stores remaining closed during the quarantine, it seems more and more people are looking to satisfy their cravings via homemade bubble tea drinks—hence, the influx of tapioca pearl orders online. After all, a genuine boba drink isn't complete without the titular ingredient.


2. Baking and Cooking Equipment

Speaking of homemade creations, a rise in quarantine chefs undoubtedly means a spike of over three times in orders for kitchenware. Gotta have the right tools to perfect that banana bread. Searches for eating utensils and baking equipment have also been on the rise since ECQ.

3. Makeup

Though we're all confined indoors, the grind hasn't stopped for many. As millions of workers continue to work from home during the pandemic, video conferences have started to become the new normal when it comes to meeting with our colleagues. If the surge for online makeup orders are any indication, then it looks like Filipinas are taking this opportunity to bust out their glam kits from the safety of their home offices. Among the most searched brands include Sunnies Face, Colourette, L'Oreal, and Maybelline.

4. Loungewear (Pambahay)

Who says you can't look stylish while strutting your way to the refrigerator? Aside from purchasing pambahay sets, orders for lingerie, slippers, and sandals have also drastically increased during the pandemic.

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5. DJ Equipment

It looks like Filipinos are finding alternative ways to keep their spirits up. Can't go out to party? How about turning your home into a makeshift club for one? Ridiculous as it my sound, Lazada reports that this ECQ has seen an increase of over seven times for DJ equipment orders.

6. Yoga Mats

While gyms and fitness centers are still banned during GCQ, approximately 65,000 yoga mats have reportedly been sold as Filipinos stick to their workouts at home.

7.  Swimming Pools

Amid the scorching summer season in the country, around 140,000 families have unsurprisingly turned to inflatable pools for a cool respite while hotels and resorts remain closed.

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