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Here Are the Most Expensive House Plants You Can Buy

Are you ready to be a plant parent?
Here Are the Most Expensive House Plants You Can Buy
IMAGE stag ram/jinkeepacquiao, lizzzuy
Are you ready to be a plant parent?

Many of us have turned towards plants for stress relief and relaxation. We’ve seen Jinkee Pacquiao and Aubrey Miles' extensive collection of plants, and we want in! Now, before you jump right in, there are several factors to be considered when determining a plant’s value—variegation, propagation rate, rarity, breeding, and beauty. These factors also determine whether a plant is worth from P1000 to even a whopping P500,000! 

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Ready to create a new home filled with plany babies? Here are the most expensive house plants that you can get your hands on—if you're lucky enough that is!

Variegated Monstera Delicosa

Price ranges from P1000 to P500,000

The Variegated Monstera is easily one of the most popular and expensive plants of 2020. Why’s it so pricey? The slow propagation rate of the Variegated Monstera makes it even harder to covet by even the most committed plant-lovers!


Fiddle Leaf Fig

Price starts at P2500

Usually found in tropical rainforests, the fiddle leaf fig is the “it” plant of the decade. It’s large violin-shaped and heavily veined leaves, make it a picture-perfect indoor plant!


PHOTO BY stag ram/lizzzuy

Variegated Alocasia

Starts at P20,000

Jinkee Pacquiao popularly made every other plantita go green with envy when she posted on her Instagram the so called Elephant Ear plant. A usual Alocasia is around P200-P800, but Jinkee’s is bigger and rarer. Variegated plants are more expensive due to it’s slower propagation rate, which makes it just as hard to find!

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PHOTO BY stag ram/jinkeepacquiao

Monstera Obliqua

Starts at P140,000

This plant isn’t expensive because of its color or foliage—but because of what it does not have. The Monstera Oblique’s leaves have holes in them that make them beautiful, one of a kind, and expensive! 

Variegated Philodendron Minima

Would you believe this plant was sold for NZ$8,150 (approximately P276,784) on a New Zealand trading website? Me neither! Now, just what makes it so special? Its leaves are uniquely colored with an eye-catching split yellow green variegation, with only four leaves!


Alocasia Azlanii

Price ranges from P2000 to P15,000

If art were a plant, this would be it. It’s definitely a one of a kind plant that anyone will be lucky to get their hands on. The Alocasia Azlanii is a rare Malaysian plant that has “shimmering” leaves in shades of pink to purple. Super aesthetic!

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