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Yes, 50-Year-Old Women (and Older) are Sexy, and Here's Proof

Women of a certain age can still make hearts race.
Yes, 50-Year-Old Women (and Older) are Sexy, and Here's Proof
IMAGE Francis Guerrero
Women of a certain age can still make hearts race.

Free tip of the day: 50-year-old bodies are great.

Also: Please ignore Yann Moix, the French author and TV presenter, who made the people of the internet very, very angry, because he declared his total disinterest in older women (50 years old and up), who just do not spark joy in him anymore.

We are paraphrasing. What Moix really said, in an interview in the French edition of Marie Claire, is this: “I prefer younger women’s bodies, that’s all. End of. The body of a 25-year-old woman is extraordinary. The body of a woman of 50 is not extraordinary at all.”

He also detailed his preference for Asian women, in particular Korean, Chinese, and Japanese women. In sum, he wants an East Asian woman in her 20s as a companion and never ever someone old.

When Moix, an award-winning author, who himself is 50 years old, explained his comments in a radio show, it only got worse. In the tradition of clueless men, who just don't know when to quit, he responded by retreating into the space of personal opinion. This is what he believes in, okay? So why do you care? (Are you old?)

We are paraphrasing again.

Moix really said, “I don’t regret saying these things because they concern only me. I love who I want...”

But, maybe, he is just participating in the Bird Box Challenge (a stupid challenge—do not do it!) and has his eyes closed to the abundance of older women who are, yes, definitely, totally sexy.

To be clear, we are not just talking about sexy-smart or sexy-funny. We are referring to the red-blooded definition of sexy—sexy in its most primal form. Sexy as stimulating or heart-racing. Sexy in the physical sense.

And while, yes, the body, just like everything else, wears down in this mortal coil, it is not impossible for it to remain appealing, even with its nicks and bumps and lumps. Monica Belluci (54), Salma Hayek (52), and Cindy Crawford (52) immediately come to mind.


For Moix, a man who believes that women have a best-before date, here are but a few Filipinas, 50 and up, who prove that older women can still make hearts race.

Tweetie de Leon Gonzalez, model and entrepreneur

IMAGE: Francisco Guerrero

Apples Aberin, model and marketing specialist

IMAGE: Instagram/@applesaberin

Marina Benipayo, model and actress

IMAGE: IMDb/ Rxandy Capinpin


Cherie Gil, actress

IMAGE: Francisco Guerrero

Amy Austria, actress

Agot Isidro, actress

IMAGE: Francisco Guerrero

Zsa Zsa Padilla, singer

IMAGE: Francisco Guerrero



Carmi Martin, actress

Eula Valdes, actress

Pops Fernandez, singer

Christine Jacob Sandejas, Olympic swimmer

Tessa Mendoza, artist

IMAGE: Courtesy of Tessa Mendoza

Crickette Tantoco, wife and mother


Isabel Preysler, television host

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