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Miss Universe Canada Organization Apologizes to Michael Cinco in Official Statement

They also extended their apologies to Filipino designer Rian Fernandez.
Miss Universe Canada Organization Apologizes to Michael Cinco in Official Statement
IMAGE instagram/thenovastevens, michael5inco
They also extended their apologies to Filipino designer Rian Fernandez.

The Miss Universe Canada Organization finally responded yesterday to the allegations against them, which rooted from a lengthy exposé on Facebook, posted by Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco.

According to Michael, the MUC team had been spreading false statements about the gowns he made for Miss Universe Canada Nova Stevens. The beauty queen’s publicist, MGmode, in particular, blamed Michael for Nova’s loss in the competition. They also claimed that the gowns not only arrived late, but none of them fit her, too. After taking negative criticism due to the said post, the Filipino designer took to his own social media to dispel the allegations.

Miss Canada Nova Stevens
PHOTO BY Facebook/michael5inco

He also revealed that the MUC had been working with him for three straight years without paying him, adding, “A SIMPLE THANK YOU NOTE FROM NOVA, YOU AND YOUR TEAM would have sufficed. But you don't have the grace and decency to do that. YOU ALL ARE UNGRATEFUL, VILE, and professional USERS."

This was soon backed by Filipino designer Rian Fernandez, who also recently opened up about his “awful” experience with the MUC. As per Rian, the Canada team got him to create five gowns for Miss Universe Canada 2018 Marta Magdalena Stepien. Unfortunately, none of his final creations made it to the pageant stage, as Marta instead wore dresses made by Michael. “I have nothing against M5 because he is an icon! My point is, we were promised by Denis that Marta will wear me to the preliminary and final competitions,” wrote Rian. “After that incident, I never received any explanation or apology from their team.”

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Rian Fernandez with Miss Canada 2018
PHOTO BY INSTAGRAM/rianfernandez888

After receiving public backlash for the incidents, the Miss Universe Canada Organization released their own statement on Instagram. The team explained that they partner with different designers all over the world, and while they recognize each talent’s contribution and hard work, due to the amount of design options they receive each year, they can never “commit to any specific design for any specific event.”


They stressed that they always strive to extend their gratitude toward designers like Michael and Rian, but also recognized that they need to do better, “based on recent online statements.”

The MUC then apologized to Michael and Rian for “any damage these recent incidents have caused to them or to their brand.” However, they clarified that any statement made by their third-party supporters and collaborators (such as MGmode) are not official statements from the MUC itself.


“While we rely heavily on the collaboration efforts of our third party supporters, it is important to recognize, they are not official representatives of the MUC organization; and while we respect their opinions, those opinions are not necessarily the opinions of the MUC organization. If something is not published by the MUC organization directly, we ask that it not be considered an official statement from our organization,” they further explained.

By the end of their statement, which was continued in the comments section, the MUC condemned the flood of “hate, racism and death threats,” both the organization and Nova Stevens have been receiving online as of late. “This type of behaviour is unacceptable, and nobody should be subjected to this level of cyber bullying, hate and violence. The MUC organization strongly objects to this level of abuse, and we refuse to partake in stooping to that level of ugliness.”

They continued, “The Miss Universe Canada organization is a collaborative organization valuing all the people we have worked with over the last 18 years. We continuously strive to provide the best opportunities each year for the annual MUC titleholders, and to maintain strong positive relationships with them and other third-party organizations and sponsors. We are always working to make things better year over year, and we thank you all for your continued support through the good and bad times. Thanks and love to all with beauty and strength.”


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