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15 Millennial Slang Words To Know Now

Time to update your vocab!
15 Millennial Slang Words To Know Now
Time to update your vocab!

The world changes and moves on fast. To keep up and better understand the Internet lingo, you have to get updated with the new slang circulating the net. Here are 15 essential millennial slang that you ought to know.


This acronym stands for joy of missing out. This means the gratifying emotion of saying no to a few social interactions, unplugging, and just guiltlessly enjoying some time on your own.

Example: It's a hard pass for me on Poblacion night, girls. I'm gonna JOMO this weekend to unwind.


It's another acronym that means big dick energy. It may sound a little NSFW, but trust us, it only means sexy confidence without arrogance.

Example: Rihanna is one tough chick, don't you think? She's got huge BDE all the time.


Mood is the modern way of saying you relate to a feeling, a situation, or a craving.

ExampleThank u, Next is my big mood this 2019.



This refers to someone who is too full of themselves.

Example: Okay, we get it. Everything's going great; no need to sound so gassed up, though.


This word is used when someone's bragging or gloating.

Example: I mean, I'm not flexing but I just gifted myself three designer bags just because.


When someone leaves you hanging, disappearing out of thin air without explanation or closure.

Example: My boyfriend hasn't been replying for a week. Is he ghosting me? Am I single now?


Wig is a term used to express feeling blown away by something groundbreaking.

Example: When I saw Beyonce's Coachella performance, I just screamed for my wig!


This is used to describe a situation or instance that literally triggers strong emotions.

Example: Don't even think of bringing up Met Gala 2017. No one but Riri dressed up for Rei Kawakubo. #Triggered


It refers to feeling threatened.

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Example: You sang Dadalhin perfectly in the shower. Regine Velasquez is shaking.


It's the new term for "Fight me." It also refers to having someone mention (@username) you on social media if they've got beef to settle with you.

Example: I told you to buy that dress already. Don't @ me if they go out of stock and you still want it!

Go off

It's the new way to say: Go nuts. Be lit. Be extra.

Example: Go off with that print on print and print outfit, my dear.

My TED talk

It's used to wrap up a lengthy rant or explanation on a lighter note.

Example: ...And this is why you need this product in your skincare routine. Thanks for coming to my TED talk.

We been knew

It's as if to say "you already." This phrase indicates that you've already gotten behind a trend way before others have.


Example: I've been wearing chunky sneakers since forever, and now they're all over IG. Sis, we been knew!


Someone who is knowledgeable or very smart.

Example: Thanks for the advice, my treasured intellectual.


From the phrase "I feel attacked," this word describes strong feelings. It can also be applied to relating over something, that makes you say, "that is so me."

Example: I feel attacked when the cashier is already serving the one behind me but I haven't finished putting my change in my wallet. OOPS.

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