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Miel Pangilinan Publicly Comes Out As Queer

The 17-year-old daughter of Kiko Pangilinan and Sharon Cuneta embraces her sexuality in a moving Instagram post.
Miel Pangilinan Publicly Comes Out As Queer
IMAGE Instagram/mielpangilinan
The 17-year-old daughter of Kiko Pangilinan and Sharon Cuneta embraces her sexuality in a moving Instagram post.

Miel Pangilinan is ready to embrace her truth. Last night, the youngest daughter of Kiko Pangilinan and Sharon Cuneta spoke publicly about her sexuality for the first time, coming out as a member of the queer community. “This June, I am celebrating my first Pride Month as openly and publicly queer,” she began her moving Instagram post.

She described the moment as a “freeing time”, expressing her gratitude to her nearest and dearest for their love and support. “I really can’t figure out the words to say right now. It’s a really emotional and freeing time right now, and I’m endlessly thankful to my close friends and family who have supported me and shown me love as I’ve grown and explored my own gender and sexual identity.”

Further opening up about her tumultuous journey towards finally embracing her identity, she explained how the realization came to be. “I know it sounds silly, but posting this truly feels cathartic. I’ve spent so many sleepless nights over the span of much of my childhood and teenage life worrying and wondering about a plethora of things surrounding my identity, and it only feels right that I post this at the point I'm in now where I’m comfortable enough in who I am and who I love and how I choose to present. It’s kind of a full circle moment for me, in a way.”


For those unfamiliar with the use of word "queer", it's a blanket term used to cover everyone who falls under the LGBTQIA+ spectrum—gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, gender-fluid, or non-binary. 

Miel chose to come out during Pride Month, acknowledging her privileged position to freely do so, while also feeling for others who might be in less fortunate circumstances. “I’m also incredibly thankful that I am able to safely celebrate my identity this year, as I know there are many of people in this country that don’t have the same privilege. We’ve got a long way to go in terms of our fight for equality, but that is not to discredit the work and sacrifices made by queer Filipinos throughout history and in the present day, who have done so much to make our voices heard and have helped us go farther than where we were before.”

PHOTO BY Instagram/mielpangilinan
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“I’ve also got a lot to learn and understand as a newer member of the Filipino queer community, and I’m trying my best to educate myself on current situations and present issues relating to gender equality and LGBTQ+ rights in our country, and I am always open to learn as much as I can especially from other figures in our community.”

At the end of her post, she shared an inspiring message to everyone, even including a lighthearted joke. “Happiest and safest of Pride Months, allies and members of the queer community alike. And yes, I am the gay cousin."

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