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Here's Why Megan Young and Mikael Daez Are in No Rush to Have Kids

"If we have kids, then we have kids. And if we don't, then we don't."
Here's Why Megan Young and Mikael Daez Are in No Rush to Have Kids
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"If we have kids, then we have kids. And if we don't, then we don't."

Married couples can relate with Mikael Daez and Megan Young when they say that "Kelan kayo magkaka-baby?" and "Bakit wala pa kayong baby?" are among the most frequently asked questions to them. 

The celebrity couple clarifies that it's okay to ask them. No worries about that, even though Megan revealed she got asked at least five times on the day before they shot the latest episode of their podcast. So, are they ever going to have kids? A year ago, Mikael and Megan shared also in their vlog that they were prioritizing their career and are enjoying their life as a married couple. 

But recently, Mikael said that they have been coming across the topic in the past few weeks, "I think it's very timely, especially for people who are our age, and those who are getting into deeper relationships, getting married so it's time we dive in."

Megan Young and Mikael Daez on baby plans

For Megan, her standard answer to the question is this: "If we have kids, then we have kids. And if we don't, then we don't. So if I get pregnant, okay, and then if not, then we just continue living life."


For Mikael, his answer echoes Megan's: "I say, look, we're going with the flow, and it's really all up to Bonez (Megan) because, like you said, you are the baby carrier. And I just tell them that I'm here to support."

The couple, who have been boyfriend-girlfriend for nine years, and married for two years, felt the need to explain their point since they might get misunderstood.

"Right now, we go with the flow. If ever there's an 'Oops!' and you get pregnant, then okay, great. That's not a problem [for] us. But if we had a choice, then we're kind of okay just coasting along and living our life and seeing what life throws at us."

Megan's fears about becoming a mom

Coming from a big family, Mikael said that he initially wanted to have lots of kids. Megan said, "To be honest, I really enjoy the life that we have together, that it's just us, and I don't know how ready I am to take on a big responsibility like that because it is a responsibility you are bringing a child into this life."

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She clarified that she's open to having a child, and that they are trying to get pregnant. It's just that it's not yet time for them to have one.  Mikael assures Megan that even though they are enjoying their current situation, "I think whatever comes our way, be it not having a kid or having a kid, I think we will be okay."


Megan then expressed her fears about having a baby. She said, she is worried about pregnancy itself. "I'm afraid of having complications for myself and for the child if ever we do get pregnant." The Miss World 2013 also had concerns on the physical changes that comes with motherhood. "I don't know how my body will react to pregnancy so that's a very unknown kind of thing to me."

Mikael assured Megan that while her fears are valid, there are ways to mitigate the risks. He cited that Iya Villania and her pregnancy fitness journey is a blueprint that Megan could follow.


Megan and Mikael open to fertility issues, adoption

The couple stressed that they have been trying to get pregnant, and while Megan shared that her menstruation is regular, both of them are willing to take fertility tests just to cover all bases.

"Come what may," Mikael concludes, "This year, maybe sana wag muna. Next year, if it happens then it happens."

He added, "I think it's really important at least for me and Bonez to always take in different points of view so that you have different points to think about, and it really challenges you to step out of your comfort zone and try to see life differently, which isn't necessarily a bad thing i think that being able to expand how you view things ultimately helps you make better and more level-headed decisions."

They have a message for married couples who are also feeling the pressure to have kids: "I think it's okay to really step back, and really look at different points of view and have a real discussion with those who matter which is your partner," Mikael said.


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