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Meet Preview's 50 Most Influential for 2022

by Em Enriquez and Katrina Maisie Cabral | Aug 31, 2022
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From the biggest names in show biz to the most talked about personalities on social media, Preview honors the individuals and groups that have made the biggest impacts in different fields over the past year.

The word influence has been tossed around a lot in today’s lexicon. Being an influencer is now one of the most sought-after titles among the current generation, and it’s undeniable just how powerful becoming one is.

Influence can be measured through the clothing pieces someone drives you to purchase, or the makeup trends they can convince you to hop on. In these dynamic times, it can also be manifested through the schools of thought you’re made to ponder about, which, somehow, informs your future decisions. One person’s words or actions create a ripple effect among other people, proving that what occurs on social media goes far beyond the corners of our phones and computers. Being influential, therefore, presents itself as some sort of responsibility, because in a world where everyone’s eyes are glued to screens, a singular move has the capability to change the course of everything.

In the realms of fashion, beauty, and art, the Philippines bears numerous individuals who possess this undeniable grip on the masses. For the past year or so, certain individuals and groups have been at the helm of shaping, challenging, and redefining the very zeitgeist of our current ways of living. Below, Preview proudly presents its inaugural Most Influential 50 list, honoring the names of those who have become catalysts to the society we know today, and the society we will live through tomorrow.

Preview's 2022 Most Influential 50


As much as it's easier said than done, standing up for what's right is a duty that we're all bound to. The prevalence of social media has granted us the ability to voice out what needs to be said, which in effect, breaks down status quos, and opens up the world to more inclusive identities and stories. Taking the lead in this movement are the 10 stars rounded up below, who all use their luster to shed light on those who need it.


Nina Ellaine Cabrera

Running Colourette Cosmetics may be the first thing on Nina Ellaine Cabrera's resume, but many netizens have gotten to know the CEO as a staunch advocate for body positivity and inclusivity. Not one to let unruly comments slide, it was a rude remark about her weight that pushed Nina to establish her very own swimwear brand, Every Body, which caters to everyone, sizes 2XS to 5XL.

Pia Wurtzbach

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The blue gown, the misplaced crown, and the heart-driven confidence—all things we know point to the one and only Pia Wurtzbach. Even after stepping down from her throne, Queen P has remained valiant about supporting efforts toward HIV awareness, partnering up with local organizations like LoveYourselfPH.

Nadine Lustre

All rise for "President' Nadine Lustre. It's a moniker the actress doesn't take lightly, and while she gamely participates in all the online antics (all the memes of her buying Mang Tomas included), she also acknowledges her responsibility to lead and speak up. As someone who has found a second home in Siargao, sustainability and climate change awareness have become key advocacies for Nadine.

Angel Locsin


Time and again, Angel Locsin proves that putting on a red and gold costume is no prerequisite to becoming a hero. When disaster strikes in any part of the country, be it in Marawi or Tacloban, Angel never fails to show up and lend a hand. Early this year, she lent her star power to the presidential campaign of Atty. Leni Robredo, emphasizing her stance on good governance and uplifting human rights.

Bea Gomez

Even before she won any title, Bea Gomez was never hesitant to proclaim that she is, in fact, a girl who likes other girls. One of her final walks as a reigning queen saw her in a suit, which was inarguably a groundbreaking moment in and of itself. Until today, the Cebuana steadily positions herself as an advocate for youth empowerment alongside LGBTQIA+ rights.

Liza Soberano

Beneath Liza Soberano's world-renowned looks is a heart of gold and an open mind. Whether she's making appearances on South Korean TV shows or Hollywood movies, mental health awareness firmly stands as one of her primary causes, which she champions with her An Open Mind podcast.

Vice Ganda

Arguably one of the most recognizable faces in the local scene, Vice Ganda has consistently been a champion for the LGBTQIA+ community. Just her presence on almost every mainstream platform, from TV to YouTube, is testament enough to the excellence she upholds as a loud and proud queer individual, who also uses her prevalence to speak up for those who are unable to do so.


Ayn Bernos

It wasn't when she stepped on the Miss Universe Philippines stage, nor when she made the Top 12 did Ayn Bernos become an idol for girls who don't fit the norm of what is beautiful. It was when she had the guts to even sign up that she embodied what it meant to be confidently beautiful. Now a co-founder of Kayu Beauty, which also positions inclusive beauty at the forefront, Ayn has earned her own set of crowns.

Catriona Gray

One of the most well-prepared Miss Universes to ever hail from our country, Catriona Gray always places a premium on Filipino culture. Since competing in the pageant, indigenous motifs and designs remain as mainstays in the beauty queen's sartorial arsenals, continually showcasing that our local style is truly world-class.

Mela Habijan

In a society that still has prejudice towards transgender individuals, Mela Habijan defiantly challenges the norm. Winning the crown of Miss Trans Global 2020 wasn't enough, as she sought to provide the same recognition and acceptance for her community back here in the Philippines. Mela does the work, sending letters to government officials and working with organizations so that every trans kid wakes up to a country that celebrates them. 



Filipinos are born with talent flowing through their veins, and these accomplished artists are prime examples. Equipped with exceptional skill, passion, and a headstrong tenacity in their chosen crafts, the following have made their mark as trailblazers, paving the way for the next generation to come.

Francine Diaz

At the age of 10, Francine Diaz entered the cutthroat world of showbiz and today, she lives to tell the tale—successfully, to boot. After being molded in her role for hit series Kadenang Ginto, the young actress continues her streak of new roles and shinier awards, with supporters and onlookers always anticipating what’s next.

Niana Guerrero

At just 16, Niana Guerrerro has checked off several entries on her list of hefty accomplishments. With 33.2 million TikTok followers and counting, the young dynamic dancer is the platform’s most followed personality in the country, capturing the attention of K-pop powerhouse SM Entertainment and bagging her very own Kids’ Choice Award in 2019.

James Reid

Once named the Big Winner for his season of Pinoy Big Brother, James Reid continues to own the moniker more than a decade on. The multi-hyphenate strides in an ever-evolving industry loud and clear, whether as a founder of independent music label Careless, or a groundbreaking musician who has left his mark in the Grammy big leagues.



One could argue that the nine-piece outfit has placed modern OPM back on the map, with its soul-stirring discography that has become mainstays on local charts. Fronted by twin brothers Paolo Benjamin and Miguel Benjamin Guico, the folk-pop band has accumulated several awards and nominations both local and international, alongside a certified quadruple platinum album with Limasawa Street.


The five P-pop pioneers have conquered feats no local act before them has graced, be it as the first Filipino and Southeast Asian nominee in the Billboard Music Awards, or as Youth Ambassadors for the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. With their path towards global domination, the trajectory of members Pablo, Josh, Stell, Ken, and Justin continues to echo their hit single: It’s only ever going up.

Moira Dela Torre

With her distinguished honeyed voice and emotionally vulnerable lyrics, Moira Dela Torre has stirred a local music scene often lauding belters. Since her start in the reality series The Voice of the Philippines, the modern balladeer’s discography has fused into Filipino consciousness as the ubiquitous soundtrack for heartache, budding romance, and all the mysterious feelings filed under the mystery that is love.


Andrea Brillantes

Earning her way to becoming a leading lady, Andrea Brillantes’ long list of TV and film credits testify to the wide range she is always set to offer. Whether in the shoes of a gripping antagonist, or as TikTok’s most followed Filipino celebrity, Blythe, as she’s fondly referred to, lives by her stage name as a luminescent and brilliant leading lady.

Lovi Poe

Despite a strong lineage with Filipino cinema heavyweight Fernando Poe Jr. for a father, Lovi Poe has proven time and time again that she has her own space in the industry. Amid a myriad of film credentials and her very own international production company under her belt, the Flower of Evil and Sleep With Me actress steps into her roles with a masterful flair palpable on screen.

Belle Mariano

With the cracks of her “child actor” shell wide open, Belle Mariano is now the proverbial main character she was always destined to be. Her leading actress chops were a crystal clear vision for hit series He’s Into Her and prequel film Four Sisters Before the Wedding, but just as her legions of fans will agree on, more is yet to come for the multifaceted star.


Charisma Lico

Capturing the entertainment and fashion industry’s famous and familiar faces, the world through the eyes of Charisma Lico sees these celebrated figures in a vision uniquely hers. With several credits in Preview editorial shoots and commercial projects, the photographer presents a delicate and feminine gaze often needed in today’s visual narratives.


These influential content creators make us want to live our best life. In this category, we highlight the personalities whose lifestyle content—be it travel, food, music, or anything under the sun—inspires us to pause and seek the sweeter things in life.

Erwan Heussaff

Erwan Heussaff’s interest in the gastronomic side of life has afforded the content creator his status as a lifestyle juggernaut. With a YouTube channel boasting 3.12 million subscribers alongside his own digital video production company The Fat Kid Inside Studios, the former Esquire food and drinks editor also offers a glance at a way of living much aspired—from travel to fitness, and everything in between.

Alodia Gosiengfiao

For many people who grew up with the internet, Alodia Gosiengfiao is a staple in local pop culture. From joining cosplay competitions in 2003 to becoming the community’s poster child, the content creator has since then branched out her success to other fields, notably as co-founder of esports agency Tier One Entertainment.


Jeremy Jauncey

In 2012, former rugby athlete Jeremy Jauncey began the travel Instagram account Beautiful Destinations. The rest is history, as it seems, as the page soon evolved into an acclaimed creative agency, collaborating with brands and tourism boards across the globe. Beyond his title of CEO, Jeremy is also an ambassador for the World Wildlife Fund, where he advocates for sustainable travel.

Ivana Alawi

With several titles following her name, it’s impossible to place Ivana Alawi in a singular box. The Filipino-Moroccan is an award-winning actress who found her footing in GMA’s StarStruck, and was later cast in ABS-CBN productions such as A Family Affair. Outside of TV, Ivana can be spotted as a high-ranking YouTube content creator with 15.8 million subscribers, and the CEO of skincare brand Ivana Skin.

Gideon Hermosa

Most high-profile weddings aren’t complete without Gideon Hermosa’s name in its credit roster. An in-demand event stylist and florist, Gideon’s clientele are always left awestruck by his creations, transforming event spaces into dreamlike, surrealist escapades left that have been “Gideonized.”

Sassa Gurl


With 6.5 million followers and counting, Sassa Gurl has dished out what many yearned for in the pandemic—unadulterated, honest-to-goodness laughter. With humorous takes on schooling life emerging on For-You Pages everywhere, Sassa represents a fresh brand of comedy that’s both relatable and utterly ingenious.

Donny Pangilinan

While his roots are founded in one of the country’s most prominent celebrity families, Donny Pangilinan is, indubitably, a talent of his own making. With his run-in smash hit He’s Into Her and more, Donny demonstrates that he has exactly what it takes to bag the title of Gen Z’s resident leading man.

Bea Alonzo

A mainstay in Filipino showbiz since 2002, Bea Alonzo’s performances are etched in the minds
of local movie-going and TV-viewing audiences. Beyond her diverse and iconic filmography, Bea also fronts a YouTube channel with 2.86 million subscribers eagerly watching as she chronicles her life behind the scenes.

Kryz Uy and Slater Young

In the audience's eyes, celebrity and content-creating couple Kryz Uy and Slater Young are the picture of both relationship and lifestyle ideals. Through their videos, the Pinoy Big Brother winner-slash-engineer Slater and fashion blogger Kryz document their endearing family life, which has millions of viewers tuning in.


Marian Rivera

From Darna to Marimar, showbiz royalty Marian Rivera has played some of the Philippine TV’s most iconic titular roles. Yet, her standing as a widely-acclaimed actress is just one side of the multifaceted celebrity, with her once becoming an Ambassador for Women and Children with Disability and a much-talked-about judge in Miss Universe.


When immersed in the world of Filipino beauty, these professionals have become the standard. Through their skill and influence in makeup, hairstyling, and skincare, they position self-love and self-care in their much-deserved limelight, highlighting that beauty is indeed not just skin deep.

Miss Nate Javier

Out of the thousands of makeup enthusiasts sharing content on TikTok, Miss Nate Javier has stood out for his no-nonsense approach to reviewing products and imparting beauty tips. Since his college days, Miss Nate has done looks for everyone, from students to models, and now, a couple of A-list celebrities join his queue of clients.

Marj Maroket

Content creator and self-proclaimed “beauty girl for life” Marj Maroket has been in love with makeup since she was a college cheerleader. Years after, her relationship with the craft still runs strong as evidenced by her presence on social platforms like TikTok, where her hauls and tutorials have amassed 191,500 followers and counting.


Michelle Dy

With close to 3 million subscribers on her YouTube channel, Michelle Dy is a force to be reckoned with in the digital beauty scene. Her YouTube tutorials have been go-to crash courses for people dying to cop the hottest makeup looks today. When she’s not filming in front of the camera, she has waves of fans double-tapping her numerous swimsuit posts on Instagram.

Paul Unating

Getting “Paulyfied” has been every girl’s dream ever since Paul Unating made his signature makeup look go viral on TikTok. The glamorously sweet mug, having been described as “angelic” by many netizens, is only one element of what makes Paul’s artistry one that’s worth replicating yourself—and thankfully, you can, since he does have his own brand called Peauty Beauty.

Anthea Bueno

As a celebrity makeup artist with her own legion of followers, Anthea Bueno has already left a lasting impression on the beauty industry. The artist boasts of a scroll-worthy Instagram feed full of stars transformed by her hands, and a YouTube page that uncovers what’s behind the curtain with tutorials.

Mimi Qiu Reyes


An often overlooked aspect of one’s looks is the nails. This, however, is something Mimi Qiu Reyes pays extra attention to, as she and her company has had the distinct experience of holding the hands of numerous celebrities and giving their nails the star treatment.

Raiza Contawi

Be it K-drama-inspired transformations or a glowing beach skin routine, Raiza Contawi has become a must-watch among local YouTubers. The digital creator and professional makeup artist’s radiant and inventive looks have captured a large following, as evidenced by several brand deals popping up from every corner.

Paolo Ballesteros

The Filipino drag scene has always been a diverse and colorful one, and the recent installment of the reality competition show RuPaul’s Drag Race has only highlighted it. At the forefront of the race is Paolo Ballesteros, who’s also a champion in female impersonation himself. With every swipe of lipstick and brush of blush, mawma Pao is living proof that true beauty makes use of all the colors of the rainbow.

Toni Sia

In the niche of beauty, content creator Toni Sia reigns as one of the most sought-after local content creators. With more than 749,000 subscribers, the makeup enthusiast has charmed viewers with beauty-related content, alongside personal vlogs that viewers constantly enjoy.


John Valle

Name any established Filipino celebrity, and more often than not, John Valle has done his magic with their crowning glory. The famed hairstylist can be credited for transforming portraits of several A-listers with his spin on breathtaking and luxurious tresses, whatever the motif.


Fashion, in whatever form it takes, should always cater to everyone. Trends come and go, but the way we dress up always roots from a myriad of qualities that are unique to each of us. The 10 personalities we’re honoring not only showcase their respective personal styles but also embody what it means to authentically be themselves through the clothes they put on their backs.

Heart Evangelista

No one gets today’s ever-evolving fashion scene quite like Heart Evangelista. Only someone of her gravitas has the capability to make a pair of shades sell out worldwide after she wore them to Fashion Week. Constantly swathed in designer labels and maximalist ensembles, the global muse isn’t afraid to experiment with her style, which makes every OOTD of hers worth anticipating.

Anne Curtis

After a two-year sabbatical from the limelight, Anne Curtis is back, and so is her irresistible sense of style. We’ve missed seeing her in concerts and noontime shows, not only to catch a sight of her magnetic grin but to also marvel at her outfits. It comes as no surprise that brands, ranging from local names like Plains & Prints, to international houses such as Louis Vuitton, are enamored of her star power.


Julia Barretto

While her last name may already command attention, Julia Barretto is determined to make her own mark in the industry. Similarly to how she approaches her career, Julia’s fashion taste is on the more minimalist side of things—no frills, but with all the thrills. Something as simple as a black slip dress goes viral all over TikTok once she dons it.

Kathryn Bernardo

She may have graduated from being our “Teen Queen”, but Kathryn Bernardo is still on a crusade to collect new crowns. Her choice of royal garb may be on the more subtle side of things, with neutrals being king in her wardrobe, but that’s only a reflection of her down-to-earth character that keeps us chained to her.

Kylie Verzosa

Kylie Verzosa has wasted no time going through a metamorphosis from a beauty queen to a full-fledged leading lady. Nowadays, videos of her turning the corner in her daily OOTDs have become the obsession of many, Y2K style icon Paris Hilton included.

Camille Co


An OG from the blogging days of the interwebs, Camille Co has effortlessly glided to the new age of fashion, imparting her quirky sensibilities to today’s top trends. Whether it’d be on Instagram reels or YouTube vlogs, no territory is uncharted for the timeless style maven.

Sofia Andres

For someone as young as she is, Sofia Andres already exhibits a level of maturity not just in her lifestyle choices, but also in her sense of style. You’ll often spot her in sophisticated resort-wear, fuss-free dresses, and covetable arm candy—with her mini-me Zoe already following in her chic footsteps.


Since we first met her on YouTube, Mimiyuuuh has been through some stylistic evolutions over the years; though what’s remained the same is her relatable personality and hilariously gut-busting antics. Our “dalagang Pilipina” has applied those traits of hers to the relaunch of her very own brand Fangs, which aims to spread the liberating and joyful effect of fashion.

Sarah Lahbati

Sarah Lahbati isn’t one to roar into the room with her presence, rather, she exudes a quiet elegance that can enamor anyone. Her style is where cool-girl Air Jordan sneakers converge with refined Tessera jewelry, exhibiting her command over her identity as a fashionista.


Rei Germar

Rei Germar is one of those people that can capture your attention no matter what they do, whether they’re showing you their new condo, or dressing up for a trip abroad. As a seasoned content creator, Rei's presence feels like an inviting embrace, wrapped up in the trendiest OOTDs anyone can aspire to recreate themselves.

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