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This Website Lets You Check Which Shops Are Offering Deliveries

From fresh produce to quick bites.
This Website Lets You Check Which Shops Are Offering Deliveries
From fresh produce to quick bites.

We've finally reached the point where the lockdown is being eased. Still, it doesn't mean you should head out right this moment and live your life like how it was back then.

The new normal doesn't only include the use of masks and other protective gear, it also has madeÂdelivery services more useful than ever. That's why the developers behind Bukas Ba are back with another useful site. And this time, they're making it easier for you to figure out ifÂwhich establishments are accepting deliveries.

The aptly named May Delivery Ba was created to help people know which businesses deliver within local communities during the quarantine.ÂThe interface is a little different from Bukas Ba, but it's still essentially the same as a crowdsourcing site.


"To help our fellow Filipinos adjust to the New Normal and limit the time they spend outside, we came up with May Delivery Ba?, a crowd-sourcing web application that allows you to easily search for shops that deliver whatever you need," the developers said.

Currently, there are over 500 shops in the site's database. You can browse by location, food categories, and even specific products such as ice cream and milk tea.

How can you do your part? By updating wrong or outdated information, as well as sharing your experiences and ratings with the shops.

*This story originally appeared on Esquiremag.phMinor edits have been made by the editors.

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