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How to Explore Morocco Like an Instagram Pro

Be the most photo-ready tourist!
How to Explore Morocco Like an Instagram Pro
IMAGE INSTAGRAM/applesaberin
Be the most photo-ready tourist!

Being the visual treat that it is, Marrakech has quickly become a favorite of travel bugs everywhere. It's the city that inspired Yves Saint Laurent so much that it became his creative hideout. In fact, the designer and his partner Pierre Bergé was so enamoured by it that they became the proud owners of the beautiful Majorelle Garden. That's why when you, too, find yourself at the heart of this Moroccan city, you better have the right tricks up your sleeve to document your stay!

Take it from Apples Aberin, Tim Yap, Rajo Laurel, and Nix Alañon, who flew all the way to Africa for designer Charina Sarte's wedding. Their snaps from their visit were one big Instagram lesson! So if you want to cop their feeds once you hop on that flight, keep scrolling!


1. Make doorways and windows your backdrops of choice.

Marrakech has undeniably picture-perfect architecure. Not only are the shapes unique and breathtaking, there's no shortage on color as well. Even the most mundane spots look photo-ready if you frame them well!

2. Color-coordinate with your background.

Speaking of colors, once you spot a background with the same color palette as you, take that shot! It's the new definition of "blending in".

3. Try the caught-in-the-act shot.

Don't want to look like you're only in it for the IG photos? Play nonchalant and pull an "Oh, I didn't see you there" pose.

4. Zoom out.

Elevate your casual tourist shots by going the extra mile...backward. Have your photographer capture the entire scene behind you for a wow-worthy photo!

5. Document your travel looks from a distance.

The same goes for your OOTDs. Try to capture as much of your backdrop as possible!

6. Use unique angles.

Give your feed some variety and experiment with different angles. You'll be surprised at the results!


7. Interact with the wildlife.

A trip to Morocco is probably not complete without the obligatory camel shot. Either you merely spotted one or had the honor of hitching a ride, snap away.

8. Capture colorful stills.

Your still life photos in Marrakech will never be boring. Trust Morocco to make even a room full of stools look extremely IG-worthy.

Safe travels!