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5 Movies by "Your Name" Director Makoto Shinkai Any Anime Fan Should Watch

Put these on while waiting for his new movie.
5 Movies by "Your Name" Director Makoto Shinkai Any Anime Fan Should Watch
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Put these on while waiting for his new movie.

Most of us have probably already heard of Makoto Shinkai, the director behind hit animated films such as Your Name and Weathering With You. As one of today’s leading directors and animators in Japan, his projects draw in the interest of huge crowds even before they’re released, and his upcoming movie Suzume no Tojimari  (a.k.a. Suzume Locking Up the Doors) is no exception. Described as a fantastical “road movie” about “closing doors,” it’s slated for release this November 2022 in Japan, and early 2023 everywhere else. If that feels like too long of a wait for you, fret not, because we’ve rounded up five Makoto Shinkai films you can watch while waiting for Suzume no Tojimari.

5 Best Movies to Watch by Makoto Shinkai:

1. Your Name (2016)

Arguably the movie that catapulted Shinkai’s career, Your Name or Kimi No Na Wa tells the story of two teenagers that swap bodies every once in a while. Mitsuha is from the rural town of Itomori, but she wants to start a new life and live in Tokyo instead. So when she wakes up in the body of Taki, a high school student studying and working in Tokyo, she first writes it off as a bizarre dream. However, the two soon realize that it is, in fact, not a dream and that they are switching places with one another. However, when the exchange suddenly stops, Taki makes it his mission to find out why. 


2. Weathering With You (2019)

Watch on: Netflix

A boy from a rural town runs away to Tokyo, where he later finds himself writing for a mysterious magazine just to make ends meet. In a period where it seems that the city is in for an eternal gloomy weather, he later teams up with an orphan girl who has the ability to stop the rain. 

3. 5 Centimeters Per Second (2007)

Watch on: Netflix

5 Centimeters Per Second is a three segment movie that follows Takaki's relationships throughout his teenage years and how life can complicate even the purest of bonds.

4. Garden of Words (2013)

Watch on: Netflix

Garden of Words tells the story of two individuals who find their escape in a mysterious garden. Takao is a 15-year-old high school student who is passionate about making and designing shoes. When he decides to skip his morning class one day, he meets Yukari, a 27-year-old woman struggling in her professional life. With the two seemingly both yearning for respite from the loneliness of their current realities, they soon develop a bond they didn't know they needed. 

Recommended Videos

5. Children Who Chase Lost Voices (2011)

Watch on: Netflix

After losing her father at a young age, Asuna is forced to grow up with only the mysterious crystal radio he gave her to keep her company. While taking a walk one fateful day, a strange teenage boy, who introduces himself as Shun, rescues her from being attacked by a dangerous creature. With the promise to meet him again tomorrow, Asuna heads home. So when the news that Shun was found dead in a river reaches Asuna the next day, she is determined to find some answers. 

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